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Tackling tasks in the Weekly Household Planner:

15 Minute Evening Pickup

There is nothing that can beat getting up to a picked up house.  Do I have any others that agree?  There are certain tasks that are just ones that can be built into great habits and will have you feeling happy to get up and get your day started, I share several under the daily tasks each day in the Household Planner.  Running your dishwasher each night, cleaning your kitchen sink, changing your dishcloth and doing a quick evening pickup.

This one is an easy one to hand off to one of your kiddos – or you can even break it into a 5 minute piece and split it between several, set the time to music or just set a timer – it does help.  My favorite is music – have a favorite song – turn it on and let everyone buzz around to pick up stray socks, shoes, backpacks, books, dishes and that mail that ends up scattered everywhere!

If you have younger ones help out, grab a few small baskets and have them put items that are found in the basket, you can gather everyone together and then divide the items up in the baskets.  Then send kids off in different directions to place items where they go.  When my kids were young, we always did this before we had an evening snack – so there was a bit of motivation!

When you do a little each evening, it truly helps keep things on track and your environment doesn’t get “polluted”.  That is what I call all of that stuff that lands where it doesn’t belong – pollution.  It clogs our environment, frustrates us and can causes many of us anxiety – so take a little time each evening to keep things under control.

How do you manage the 15 minute evening pickup?

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