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Tackling tasks in the Weekly Household Planner:


Now, there is not a task in the planner that sates “delegate” but today I will share with you how critical it is for a mom to share household tasks.  Face it, we can not do it all and if you think you can be the super-woman-mom type, you will quickly exhaust yourself and feel failure festering.

I have all types of moms use my weekly household planner and they tweak it to fit their needs.  For example, a Stay at home mom may be able to accomplish all the tasks one week because her schedule is a bit more open, she has no outside appointments, a rather slow social calendar that week, etc – and she is effective at getting those who are in the home to help cooperate.

A mom who works outside the home as well as performs all the regular tasks caring for her home, will most likely have to cross some tasks off that just aren’t that important.  I encourage you to do this at the beginning of the week, just as soon as you’ve turned that page for a new week.  We all need to be realistic!

A single mom – well……you probably really need to evaluate your time at the beginning of the week and determine what is critical for that week.  Who can help you manage some tasks?  So, some tasks that maybe could get skipped this week could be:  organize the pantry, clean out your purse, wiping baseboards, decluttering drawers – those types of tasks.  When your time is stretched in many directions  you have to be smart with where you decide to spend it.

As summer is fast approaching I encourage you to give a few more tasks to your children to share in the household responsibilities – that old saying, “work before play” can be truly lived out this summer.  Develop a routine that has some tasks completed first thing in the morning so that you can enjoy the day.  You are really doing your kids a big favor by allowing them to participate in the keeping of your home, these are life skills that they carry out into the real world.

What tasks are you giving your kids this week?

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