Vibrant Living Just Got Easier

Vibrant Living Just Got Easier

I just returned from an amazing road trip with my family through Yellowstone, the Tetons, and Salt Lake City. Watch for a blog post on that next week where I share some fabulous tips to make a road trip much easier!  

Our stop in Salt Lake City was to attend the Young Living International Convention – and it was a blast. They released some new products and I had to share with you all in case you missed it! If you’re not a member yet, scroll down to see a special just for you!

Check out the Newest Members of the Young Living Family

New Young Living Products for Your Whole Family

I have a few favorites I would love to share with you. These products are game changers in how busy moms can care for their families with all-natural, chemical-free options. I am over the moon thrilled!

AgilEase for Inflammation

I have struggled with joint inflammation over the years, however I have been able to reduce it with diet and other natural means. But never the less, the announcement of this product had me perked up! It will be so helpful for me to support my joints in a way that will keep me on the go and ready for action!

AgilEase is especially beneficial for athletes, as well as middle-aged (I think that’s me!) and elderly people who may experience acute joint discomfort after exercise. AgilEase is a supplement that’s perfect for healthy and active individuals who are looking to promote joint mobility and flexibility through the reduction of inflammation.

Oil Infused Over the Counter Registered Products by Young Living

These two beauties are OTC registered products! An amazing duo!

Cool Azul Pain Cream

Young Living’s Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream provides cooling relief from minor muscle and joint aches, arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains. The plant-based formula combines the power of Wintergreen essential oil with the exclusive Cool Azul essential oil blend. With two powerful, synergistic active ingredients, this cream provides pain-relieving benefits in two ways: methyl salicylate found in Wintergreen helps alleviate pain deep in the muscles and joints, and natural menthol found in Peppermint provides a cooling effect. If you need relief without synthetic ingredients, Young Living’s Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream is the answer!  

Great for after a long run, hiking, lifting weights, or maybe when you’ve over done it in the yard!

Thieves Essential Oil Infused Cough Drops

The power of Thieves® and menthol in a cough drop! The triple-action formula of Thieves Cough Drops offers comfort by relieving coughs, soothing sore throats, and cooling nasal passages. Minty, spicy, and sweet without processed sugar, dyes, artificial flavors, or preservatives, these cough drops are made with naturally derived ingredients, including Young Living’s pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and menthol from Peppermint.

These tasty cough drops are easy to take anywhere you may need relief. Keep some in your purse, laptop bag, or next to your bed at night so they’re always on hand to soothe. I use these anytime my throat is feeling rough or dry and needs soothing. My entire family loves them – even my six year old.

So, any of these products perk you up too?

Maybe it’s time for you to jump in with two feet and join me in this amazing journey of wellness. I know I chat a few times a month about essential oils, or supplements, or my healthy living choices – it’s because I care. If someone had not shared information with me, I would still be in the same hopeless phase of my life and feeling tired, worn out, and stressed.

This means you can get started today with a kit of your choice (essential oils, our amazing NingXia Red antioxidant beverage kit, or our amazing Thieves kit to bring chemical free options into your home!) 

You will also receive incredible support, education, lots of resources, access to our private educational group, informative ongoing classes, both local and online, and free wellness coaching with me.

Ready, Set, GO! Pick a KIT!

Young Living new member special

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