Moms Summer Go-To Guide



Welcome to the 30 Days of Summer – Go-To Guide for Moms!

Day One

I am so happy to begin my summer 30 day series!   You can look forward to 30 days of tips on everything summer – from activities to do as a family, to sunscreen information, water safety tips, treating bug bites and chores – I’ve got you covered.

If you already have gotten started planning your summer with the 2013 Summer Survival Calendar and the Action Guide, you are well on your way to having fun and creating great family memories.  If you haven’t grabbed a copy, don’t fret – it is not too late.  Hey, my kids aren’t even out of school until mid-June, so I have not even begun to work on our summer plans!  You can also get a kick-start by getting the Action Guide broken down into bite size pieces with some great homework tips that the Hello Mornings group created during the Summer Survival Mini-Challenge.  I highlighted the points on my audio blogs during May.  {Week One, Week Two, Week Three}

But to be honest, there is more to caring for your family during the summer months than just finding things to do.  All the other stuff that is “mom territory” is what this series will hopefully cover for you, or at least get your started!

So come back each day during the month of June to get the “411” on summer.  If you have a specific need or question you would like me to share, please add it in the comments section and I will do my best to cover it!

What summer info is missing from your mom tool belt?

Day One:  Moms Summer Go-To Guide Overview {you’re here!}

Day Two:  Preparing Kids for Summer Break

Day Three:  Building Strong Friendships

Day Four:  10 Things to do (Instead of TV)

Day Five: Volunteering at Summer Camps

Day Six:  Creating Quality Family Time

Day Seven:  Hiking Tips for Kids

Day Eight:  Going to the Zoo

Day Nine:  Family Fun Parks

Day Ten:  Museums Can Be FUN!

Day Eleven:  Mom Moments

Day Twelve: Guarding Our Kids

Day Thirteen: Spending Time with Dad

Day Fourteen:  7 Mom Tips to Enjoy Summer

Day Fifteen:  Starting Your Day Right

Day Sixteen:  4 Things I Learned from My Dad

Day Seventeen:  All Fun and Games

Day Eighteen:  Summer Job Ideas

Day Nineteen:  Online Safety

Day Twenty:  Develop a Love for Writing

Day Twenty One:  Movie Night with Benefits

Day Twenty Two:  Beating the Heat

Day Twenty Three:  Family Beach Trip

Day Twenty Four:  Fresh Veggies and More

Day Twenty Five:  Traveling with Kids

Day Twenty Six:  Summer Water Safety

Day Twenty Seven:  Battle of the Bugs

Day Twenty Eight:  Sun Safety Tips

Day Twenty Nine:  Finding Safer Sunscreen

Day Thirty:  Firework Safety Tips

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