Mom Summer Camp

This past week my friend and fellow guest columnist here on The Confident Mom, Dana Bailey posted on facebook that she wanted to go to “mom camp”.  Wouldn’t that be great?

No whiny kids, no laundry, no preparing meals or cleaning toilets – it is all done for you.

A week of fun activities planned for you to do and all you need to do it show up.  You don’t have to do any planning, any logistical thinking or negotiating, just decide what YOU want to do.  AHHHHH, sounds wonderful.

Here is what would be included in my week of ‘mom camp’, I mean I can dream can’t I?

  • Coffee and scones delivered to my nightstand at 7 AM (that would be sleeping in for me!)
  • Nice leisurely time in bed, drinking my coffee, reading and journaling.
  • A fabulous breakfast buffet
  • A long, hot shower every morning
  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Learning a new skill (like knitting)
  • Relaxing by a pool, lake or beach
  • Lunch on an outside patio with fresh lemonade
  • Massage, facial, pedicure and manicure
  • A complete wardrobe makeover (like on “What Not to Wear”)
  • A big dessert bar
  • A nap in a hammock

Yes, I could go on forever and I am sure you all have some great ideas – pipe in and let me know!

I think the best part of all would be if our kids and spouses were actually the workers at the camp providing the meals, doing our laundry and making our beds – now wouldn’t that be a fun twist?

What would your ‘mom camp’ include?

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