7 Things Confident Moms Do Everyday

First things first, just because this blog is called, “The Confident Mom,” does not mean I am a Confident Mom or the expert.   However, over my 24 years of mothering I do feel I have learned some great lessons that will help me succeed in being the best version of myself each and every day.

Does it mean I am perfect – NO!

Does it mean I have it all together – NO!

But it does mean that I have some ideas and beliefs about myself which can help me overcome challenges, especially when our world wants to bring us down in so many ways.

Motherhood is important and is valued in my eyes.  It is valued in God’s eyes and we need to appreciate the importance of our job in that role.

So how can you make a shift to help you on your journey to becoming a Confident Mom?  Let’s chat….

Seek His Word

Nearly every morning I take time to pray, read a devotional and allow God to speak to me. This is critical for  bringing real truth into my mind.  If I don’t fill my mind with His word and truth, the world will fill it with garbage.

Self Care

You have to put yourself in your day for care somewhere!!  I am in a season where I am forgetting this gem – and I have to fit it in my day.  Knowing how my soul is refreshed so I can give back to my family is important.  But I also have to make the time to have that happen.

Check Expectations

Thinking you can clean your whole house, cook a five course dinner, run car pool, bake cookies for the school open house and do three crafts with your kids in a day is not reality.  Understanding that you can prioritize what needs to be done and not be Supermom is reality.  Take a look at your expectations for the day – are they realistic?

Find Support

Do you have a support system of friends and family that you can draw from?  We all need to have someone to talk to and reach out to.  If you do not have this…. pray on how you can create one of your own.  I am in a season of this and it helps a lot, having someone to reach out to.

Give Grace

Not only do you give grace to your kids and family – but most importantly to you!  Realizing you are not perfect and will have days where things just do not go as planned are okay and expected!

Believe in YOU

You must know that the decisions you make for you and your family are the right ones for you.  Period.  You will constantly receive judgement from others, but when you know you are doing the best for you and your family, you can find relief in that judgement and let it roll off your back.

Smile & Laugh

Yes, even when the chips are not in your court, you take time to smile and pull up your boot straps!  There is nothing better than having a big belly laugh instead of bawling (but yes, bawling at times is unavoidable, and that is okay!) but when you can shift your energy and those around you by laughing at an unforeseen issue, it definitely changes the atmosphere!

What can you incorporate in your day?

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