No More Excuses Summer Workout



It is almost summer – YIKES!   Yep, that bathing suit weather is upon us and I think I will just run and hide  ðŸ™‚

But you know, our fitness and ability to be in good physical shape is way more about how we feel overall, not if we can look like the models we may see on magazine covers.  It is truly about being healthy, eating well and caring for the vessel that God has so graciously blessed us with.

So, this summer I am stepping up my game and I want to take you on the trip with me.  For most of my life I have been a runner – and at different times I have added in Pilates, Hot Yoga, Cross-Training and Walking.  I love to train for a half-marathon, but my body is aging a bit and injuries are more frequent than not.  I shared about my most recent frustration with running in this post last week.  Several years ago I shared about meeting another blogger who was running in a race I did in Vancouver – fun!

But running is hard on the body – so I thought it was time to switch things up.

So for the next 11 weeks I am doing something completely “not” normal for me.  I have begun using Shaun T’s FOCUS T25 Base Kit – DVD Workout.  I started Monday and wanted to wait a few days into the program to write a post about it, really seeing if it was something I would/could continue.  Well I just completed Day Four and ladies, I love it!

Here is what I love about it:

25 Minutes! 

It is only 25 minutes and I love that.  Especially with summer, traveling and finding time to workout, I can totally make 25 minutes work if my mind is set.  Anything longer is unrealistic in my opinion.

Easy Moves

There is no hard choreography – seriously!  I am not at the stage of my life where I can be a flash dancer!  The moves are simple, easy to understand and totally doable for a uncoordinated one like me.

Each Day is Different

For each day of the week you have a different workout – so it is not like other workout DVD’s where you do the same one day in and day out – which gets BORING!  Yes, this pack is more expensive, but you have 9 different workout DVD’s to keep you pushing through for 10 weeks.  No boring here!

You Get Sore

I will say the first few days of any workout are hard – I like that I am sore and feeling like parts of my body that I have not worked on are being worked.  As a runner it can be easy to over-build the lower body, and my approach over the next 11 weeks is to do this overall body workout and then return to my running game – stronger, in better condition and overall better core shape, which will help my running game.

Perfect Morning Workout

I have began a new routine for summer and I am sticking to it.  It is tough and some mornings I will really truly hate it, but at 5:20 AM the alarm goes off, I get up, spend an hour in God’s word, praying and journaling and then am hitting the floor with Shaun T by 6:30.  By 7:00 AM I am DONE!!  It feels fantastic – there is something to be said to be done with a workout and feel good about it by 7 AM!  I can enjoy the rest of the day.


If you are looking for a new workout, something to do just for you – why don’t you join me?  If you need to save up a bit to purchase this program, then start saving NOW!  I admit, it was a big chunk of change to get started, but I plan to either keep it for the long haul and repeat over again, or re-sell it on ebay or amazon when I am finished.  If you use this link to purchase, you are sharing in the sponsorship of our girls in India!!  Love that.

I did take some before pictures, so hopefully by the end of the series I will have to guts to share the after with you as well.  I did weigh myself and took measurements too.  I plan to do a check in post after my first 5 weeks.

Come on – let’s do summer in a whole new way – give your body a gift of a healthier appearance and better performance.  Caring for your health is important – whether you are just out of shape, carrying around an extra 15 or 50 pounds, or struggling with depression, get your body moving!  I know you will love it and your family will too.

If you are on Instagram – follow me as I will be posting along – they will also appear on my Facebook page too – let’s encourage each other!!  #FocusT25

Note:  This workout plan is for 10 weeks, but I know I have a week of family vacation in the middle, so am not sure I will be able to stay focused there, thus, my 11 week timeline – grace built in!!

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