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As I approach the 2 year anniversary of The Confident Mom, I am reflecting on my goals for this journey I feel God has mapped out for me.  I am contemplating recent changes in my personal life that certainly could not and were not seen over two years ago.  Let me just say, I have had a lot to contemplate!

I am reminded today, that I do not need to know all the answers – but rather let The Lord guide me and touch my heart as He only can.  This verse came up today on my perpetual calendar:

If you want to know what God wants you to do, ask Him and He will gladly tell you.  James 1:15 TLB

I have been praying and struggling with many decisions, not unlike many of you I am sure.  Life is crazy, full of surprises and when you are not looking you are often whacked upside the head – something happens to get your attention, because…. well, sometimes we just don’t listen to His plan…….or is that just me?

I have struggled the past two years with unexplained symptoms of fatigue, joint pain, and Leukopenia. I was recently diagnosed with Cutaneous and Systemic Lupus.  Fortunately, I have a wonderful doctor who prescribed some medication that has greatly improved my symptoms.  I am relieved, but it is still a struggle to look long term.

In addition our family has become foster parents and have stepped out in faith to carry out a calling we believe The Lord has for us as a family.  Our hearts were broken last July when a placement was removed from our home, but as only God can, our hearts were healed and we were blessed in December with a vibrant little boy who has bonded our family together like super-glue.

Without adding other personal struggles into the equation, these changes have been incredibly demanding for me and I have begun to see that I am expecting too much of myselfI cannot be a great mom, wife, step-mom, foster-mom, friend, volunteer in ministry and run a business the way I have been.

My fault of perfectionism is taking it’s toll!

I am not sharing these things with you to get sympathy, but rather to be genuine with you, my readers who have blessed me so much.  Being real and honest with you all has been one of the things that has created the community here – if I can’t be real with other moms, who can I be real with?

So, I wanted to share with you some changes that you might see with The Confident Mom in the coming month.  You may not see me on facebook or twitter as much as you have in the past – as much as I enjoy these outlets, they do take time away from my family which ultimately needs to be used for them.  I have made the choice to cut back on what I post during the week on my site and you will only see two posts per week, one normally on Monday and one on Thursday.  In the coming weeks I will be using a new email program called TCM Connection (The Confident Mom Connection) which will come to your inbox every Monday with a short tip or tool that will help you in your role as a mom.  If you are already a subscriber you will automatically be rolled over onto that new program, but if you need to sign up please do so here.  This information will only be for subscribers and not information shared on my blog.  My Tuesday Blog Talk Radio Audio Blog will become a once a month series and at this point I am not clear as to whether it will be a 15 minutes segment or perhaps a longer segment with interviews.  I would love to know your thoughts on what you prefer.  You can leave a comment below for me!

I will still be here to support you as a mom with my classes, workshops and online coaching.  I am looking to make some changes to the Becoming a Calm, Cool and Confident Mom online series just prior to September, so look for that.   In addition I am currently working on a 3 part course series that will be a webinar format covering Family Cooperation, Expectations, Routines and Consequences – areas that are consistently ones I cover with moms during coaching.  This will be a fun series that you can do on your own time and will have one live group coaching call at the conclusion.  I am also putting together a great daily chore calendar for 2012 that will keep you organized and on top of household and family duties!

So, a lot still to come as I launch into year three of The Confident Mom and I am excited!  I cannot tell you how reassuring it is to me when I receive notes from you letting me know how I may have touched you in a blog post or email you’ve received – it  lets me know that I am doing what God has for me to do – but for now I realize I need to re-adjust my priorities just a bit to keep my most important job at the top – being a wife and mom!

Thank you for sharing the journey with me!

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