Homemaking Accountability ROCKS!

A few months back I was contacted by a mom, Bonnie in my community who wanted to provide some additional support for other moms who used The Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner.  She had a brilliant idea to create a Facebook page.  So Confident Mom Cleaning was born!  It is a Facebook page offering accountability for those who are following The Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner.  She shares a lot of encouragement for you and lists the tasks for each day as well.

I wanted to highlight this little known feature – many have no idea this exists – so thought it would be fun to share in it’s own exclusive blog post and allow you to get to know Bonnie just a little bit better.

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Bonnie and I live in Nebraska with my husband and toddler.  I’m mostly a SAHM, but I also am a Norwex indpenedent sales consultant and am in the middle of studying to be a pre and post natal fitness specialist.  I enjoy spending time with family, reading, being outdoors, and blogging (  While cleaning house isn’t always my favorite thing to do, I enjoy the ideas and methods that make it more enjoyable.  Plus having a clean house afterward is always great. ;)
Why did you decide to start the Facebook community?
I was tired of feeling like my house was constantly getting the better of me.  I had tried the Confident Mom planner last year and really enjoyed it.  Things got busy and I fell off the bandwagon, but I decided to pull it out again.  Since things are always better with accountability, I thought a Facebook page would help! 
What types of things do you post in the group?
I typically post twice a day.  In the morning, I post the specific tasks for that day, as well as the weekly tasks.  In the evening, I have a check-in post (usually accompanied by a funny or inspirational picture just for fun) as a last-minute reminder to get the last few things checked off the list.
How could having a larger community help influence others in their home management?
Positive peer pressure!  Surrounding yourself with people with a common goal rubs off on you.  Facebook pages aren’t always the greatest way to build relationships and check in, but the knowledge that there are a couple hundred other ladies working on the exact same tasks with the exact same goal is pretty encouraging and motivating.  And then when you have a friend who says, “Hey, how is your house always so clean?” you can say, “Let me tell you about the Confident Mom Planner….” ;)

To join the page just GO HERE!  You will find a wonderful community who will cheer you on each day.  

If you are still juggling caring for your home without this FREE planner – be sure to go grab a copy now!!  Just print the portion left of the year – it gets you started and I know you will not be sorry!

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