9 Traits of a Life-Giving Mom – Week Nine


We begin week NINE of our journey reading Sue Detweiler’s book, 9 Traits of a Life Giving Mom: Replacing My Worst with God’s Best.  

I have loved reading through this book and examining the areas of my life that I can really use some BIG Holy Spirit intervention.  This week is no exception.  I admit, pride is something I deal with all the time.  I have shared about my pride issue here, here and yes ….here.  I find it interesting that it is a chapter in nearly EVERY single book we’ve studied here.  So, I guess I am not the only one who struggles.

Week Nine

Read  Chapter Nine – Replacing My Pride with God’s Gentleness

Trait 1:  Gentleness

I identified with this quote at the very beginning of the chapter:

“Pride hates to be inconvenienced.”

Yep, that is how I feel.  I have to be very careful and often it still gets the best of me.  I will share more tomorrow on how I don’t have it all together and certainly do not want anyone else to think that.

We are nearing the end of the study and things have gotten pretty quiet here on the blog. I hope you are still reading and even if you are not caught up on the chapters, I pray you will find the time to hop over and share in the Facebook group.  


(you will need to click through to the main blog to view the videos)

Chapter Nine Video


I will be back tomorrow with my thoughts as I read Chapter Nine and I’ll see you on the Facebook page!

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