My Favorite Workout APPS for Home & Travel

Okay, I admit it…. I get bored with working out.

I have been a runner since high school and have enjoyed that form of exercise as well as self-care. There is nothing like taking off on a run, with the wind blowing against your face and just the road ahead.

I love it.  I have completed several half-marathons; I work much better at consistency when I have a goal, so when I am training for a race, I will meet my weekly goals for running much better.  

As I get older, my body tends to fight me more when I run.  Achilles issues from 20 years ago are flaring up and this body is just not what it used to be at nearly FIFTY!  (Yikes, did I say that!???  I am getting close at 48!)

So I have found that some other exercise options work much better for me.  With the travel I have been doing this summer and my love of variety, there are a few APPS that I have grown to love.

Get ready to kick your exercise routine into gear.  Whether you have 10 minutes, 25 minutes or an hour – you will find these so helpful in just telling you what to do, plus they are FREE!

What I love about these APPS:

Work out Anywhere!

Yep, whether you are at home, in a hotel or even outside at the park, you can break out the APP and pick a workout that fits your time frame and your location.



There is so much variety – here are your choices with each APP

SWork it – Lite:  You can choose form strength, cardio, yoga and stretching

SWork it Butt:  You have some serious rear end work – Brazillian lift, Rump roaster and Feel the Burn!

Work it Abs & Core:  Absolutely Awesome, Back Strength and Complete Core – all for FREE!

Set Your Desired Time

Only have 10 minutes to work out – no sweat – you can choose from 5 to 60 minutes.  

Examples of Exercises

I enjoy the real examples of people displaying the exercise for you on the screen, no second guessing what the move is suppose to be.  It also gives you vocal queues for the next exercise which keeps the flow going.

Find out more on this APP HERE

Run Keeper

My other favorite is Run Keeper, because when I do run and walk I like to keep track :-)  The  APP keeps track of your location and tracks your miles if you have the GPS on – which I truly enjoy.  When I do my treadmill walking, I can manually enter the distance and time, so it helps me keep an accurate record of my activity.

I am in the process of using a new treadmill desk that my hubby made for me so I can get work done while walking on my treadmill.  We are working on the details, but I will be sure to share the final result.  There are many different options for treadmill desks, but we have a great Treadmill so just needed to make a desk to fit onto so I could do a lot of my working while walking.

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