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If your kids aren’t already back in school – I know you are gearing up like me.  We head back next week and I know I had to share my ultimate favorite Immune Boosting Tips for our home.  

If you are like me, a mom who really doesn’t want anyone to miss school because they are under the weather (I would much rather take a day off from school to have fun as a family!) then you will want some effective, all-natural immune boosting protection in your home.

Here is where Young Living’s exclusive Thieves Essential Oil blend comes into play.  I shared how much I love Thieves and how this particular oil turned my skeptic hubby into an essential oil believer in a previous post.  

Using Thieves oil in our home, both diffused and topically has helped support our immune systems to be “fighting strong”  many times. 

Wham, Bam, 1, 2, 3, Prepared!

We use a few other items in our daily routine to help support our body, come check them out.


Thieves Foaming Hand Soap

This all natural hand-cleansing formula contains the powerful Thieves essential oil blend but also contains gentle ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe vera, and Ginkgo biloba to help moisturize and soften the skin.  This is a staple in our home – no more hand soap with antimicrobial chemicals for us – especially after reading this article a few weeks back.  I found this interesting from the article:

“Triclosan and triclocarban are endocrine disruptors, Halden explains. The risk there is that the chemicals can mimic thyroid hormones, potentially disrupting the metabolism and causing weight gain or weight loss. Previous research has also shown a connection between higher levels of triclosan in urine, and allergy diagnoses in children.”   SOURCE

No thank you for me and my family.

I also love that I can purchase the large Foaming Hand Soap Refill – making it even more cost effective!

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier

No water for washing hands – No worries!  Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier is designed to clean and freshen hands without water.  It also contains the powerful Thieves essential oil as well as active skin-moisturizing ingredients to prevent dry skin.  Plus the ethanol in this hand-purifier evaporates – love that!   

I carry this in my purse, have one in the car and also in backpacks and more!  It is just the right size, making for easy pocket placement too.

Thieves Spray

Ready for the big guns?  Thieves Spray is an all-natural, petrochemical-free spray ideal for purifying surfaces like door handles, table tops at a restaurant, toilet seats, airplane trays and more.  It is very effective and may be used to spray surfaces that need cleaning from dust, residue and other undesirable microorganisms.

You know I love my Young Living Essentials Oil and the difference they have made in our overall wellness routine – are you a bit more curious?   Come check out how you can get your hands on some too!

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