FREE…..Who Doesn’t Like FREE???

I woke up this morning and had the perfect topic for my first blog post arrive in my “inbox”.  A buy one get one free smoothie coupon from Jamba Juice.  How could I not pass this along??

For those of you who know me, and those of you who are lucky enough to “get” to know me through my blog posts, I am very budget conscious. Some call it thrifty cheap, economical,  frugal, penny-pinching, but I much prefer the term unwasteful. I HATE PAYING RETAIL for anything.  If it isn’t on sale – hey I don’t need it that bad…..I can wait until it is.  This has become a standard joke in our family – but in a good way.  My husband will often be found at work bragging about  how I can make money out of nothing!!  Normally it would be the opposite – a husband would be off complaining about his wife out spending ALL of his money – but not in the Heid household!  Our family of 5 has managed to go on a week vacation to Hawaii, stay in a 6 room waterfront Penthouse, airfare, rental car and meals for $3000.  That is what being thrifty will get you!

I have managed to save money on basic groceries and used that money for other “extras” that we normally would not have been able to purchase.  It is almost a game, somewhat like a challenge for me!  I find it so rewarding to know I have stretched my families funds.

I hope during the time we share that I can pass along ideas, strategies and useful information to help you accomplish the same in your family.  So as a starter grab one of your children, hubby or a friend and dash on down for a treat!  This is self-care, budget friendly, building relationships and just plain YUMMY!  So start  your weekend out on a fresh “budget friendly” note and  get out to enjoy your FREE SMOOTHIE!

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