5 Minute Marriage Secret

If I told you there was a nearly sure-fire way to create a fabulous marriage, would you believe me?

What if I told you it would take only 5 minutes a day and you could do it anywhere?

How about if I shared that the secret was life giving and would bless you immensely?

And now, how about it I told you it wouldn’t cost you a dime?

Would you want to hear what secret I had? It really isn’t a secret at all, but unfortunately most Christian couples aren’t engaging in and experiencing the benefit of this practice.

The secret – praying together in marriage.


Praying together in marriage is one of the main ways to create a strong and secure marriage, with both each other and God in the center.  This is reflective of the nature of sharing our intimate thoughts with each other in prayer as well as verbalizing them to God.  It is like a lifeline that links all three together.

  • Praying together brings couples into agreement as you thank Him for your blessings as well as petition for things you desire or seek as a couple.
  • Praying together is vital to a lasting marriage. Being vulnerable in front of both God and your spouse creates a level of intimacy not reached in any other way.
  • Keeping God at the center of your marriage sustains the covenant between you.


The list of benefits is probably endless. I would even go out on the edge and say there could not be a downside to praying together as a couple for your marriage – there are only positive benefits.

  • Deeper communication is one of the real benefits of sharing prayer together with your spouse.  By allowing the deeper feelings to come to the surface, you are revealing parts of you that will create a strong bond.  This is what leads to greater intimacy and a stronger marriage.  Good communication is critical to a successful marriage.
  • We also humble ourselves both before the Lord and in front of our spouse.  This is hard, especially when you first start praying together, but it allows us to be honest and open in a way that allows growth in our marriage.  It also provides an atmosphere for mutual respect to blossom.
  • When you can bring problems or concerns before the Lord together in prayer, you are allowing God to work in both of you, developing a deeper trust and providing accountability to each other.
  • Lifting your marriage in prayer on a continual basis will keep it in the forefront of your mind and reaffirm your desire to make your spouse your second priority.
  • Praying for your spouse and petitioning God for his needs helps keep you from being self-centered and only requesting for yourself.

Real Life

Now, let me just say I am not the one who has it all together and prays everyday in my marriage.  In fact, I am truly blessed because my husband takes responsibility as the leader of our home and initiates praying together. I rarely do, which is disappointing to me.

We go through different seasons and different needs – sometimes we pray once a day, sometimes once a week, often times on the phone or even via email.  You see, there are no real “rules” for praying together – you just need to find what works for you as a couple.

My husband travels out of town 3 ½ days per week, so praying via text, email, and on the phone is a must for us in order to make it happen.  We could just throw in the towel since we are not living a “traditional” marriage with a regular 9-5 job with my husband home each night, but instead we got creative.  I’ve often tucked notes into his suitcase with prayers for him, letting him know I will be praying for him.

When he is in town, we often pray for a few minutes before the kids get up in the morning.  Simple, not thought out – yet powerful together.

How can you fit prayer into your marriage?

What is holding you back?

Where is one place you can make a change today to make it different?

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