What I Am Loving Right Now

What I Am Loving Right Now

When you discover some things that you find helpful or fun, it’s great to share. That’s what this post is today – some things I have discovered which I feel help encourage me in my journey through motherhood and also self-care. We all need that.

I shared my struggle with perfectionism last week (thank you to all who emailed and messaged me saying it was so helpful – it meant a lot to me!) and I am currently going through some intense therapy to break those strongholds. It is hard work. I started sharing on The Confident Mom Facebook page each Monday my weekly five goals, which have some self-care items included, because that is an area I need to focus on. I have found some of the items below beneficial in reaching my goals.

Every Day in His PresenceEvery Day in His Presence

It was time for a new devotional book. I have read through Jesus Calling and Jesus Lives, both of which I loved, so it was time for something new. Each morning I check in with my YouVersion Bible App, where I currently follow two reading plans. I love the app because it’s always with me. Every Day in His Presence gives an added dimension to my time with God and I especially find it helpful because there is a short prayer at the end that prompts me.

First 5 – From Proverbs 31 Ministries

Anther recent addition to my morning quiet time is – an app developed by Lysa TerKeurst and her team at Proverbs 31 Ministries. It was her desire to connect a woman’s heart to God’s Word in the First 5 minutes of her day. I love that there is a beautiful graphic meeting me each morning and a different author sharing about the word of God. There is a place to add my own moments and notes that are important to me. I can also comment and share – in a place others will see. We just finished going through the book of John, and it was good. On the weekend, Lysa shares a video teaching which really brings the week’s teaching to life.

JJ, Hospice Therapy Dog

Okay, if you are not on Facebook, you can breeze through this one. I somehow stumbled on this page and have been enamored ever since. I have come to realize that I “feely deeply” as my husband says and I am very sensitive. I would never have really said that about myself until all this recent counseling – but it is good for me to be aware of and celebrate.

I have loved following the story of JJ, a therapy dog who works alongside his owner in a hospice, bringing joy and support for patients and staff. If you scroll through some of the posts, you will see so much kindness and pure peace. My mom was in hospice care for less than 36 hours before she passed away, but I will tell you, the work that is done is amazing and the people who lovingly care for those who are leaving this life are amazing. Just scrolling and reading through these posts fills my heart with different emotions and feelings.

21 Day Fix21 Day Fix

Yes, I joined the many who have done this program! I purchased the 21 Day Fix Essential Package and began last Tuesday, so I am on day 5. Let me just say, I have done a lot of eating plans, tried different approaches to weight management, and this one appears to be a great fit for me. I love that it is simple – no crazy food or weird recipes. Simple is best for me. 

It comes with food cups and your serving sizes are set. No complicated measuring! You choose from a list of food for each type of container and you are done. You do one 30 minute workout a day and drink lots of water. I chose to use my Young Living Pure Protein Complete Chocolate (PDF printable information sheet) powder instead of purchasing the more expensive Shakeology and I will say the shakes are almost my favorite part of the day! I will be sharing next week some of the recipes I have gathered and used with the Protein Shakes that Young Living has. I have Vanilla on the way too!  

Oh, By the Way…

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