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For me, morning is either the best part of the day, or the worst.  I typically am an early riser and have been most of my life, but different seasons of life lead me into different body clock cycles too.  I have learned that I need to find ways to help me be a happy morning person – for the benefit of myself, but even more important to those I care for so much in my home.

Not everyone gets out of bed in the morning easily and in a good mood.  Maybe you are one who bounces out of bed eagerly anticipating the day and will talk your ear off if there’s anyone to listen.  Or you groggily stagger out of bed reluctantly and you don’t want to interact with anyone until much later.

Which of these describes you?  Perhaps you fall somewhere in between?  If you had a choice, and you struggle with being the latter one, who is grumpy and no fun to be around – which would you rather be?  Yes, I know…..dumb question!

Typically, the person who bounds out of bed wide awake is the person who gets more done in the morning and is happier to do it.  This isn’t always true.  Some get just as much work done; it just takes them longer to get to it.  Even this morning, I woke refreshed and ready to start the day – finishing most of my tasks on my Weekly Household Planner before 9 AM – because my mind was in a good state – Mama was happy!  The old saying “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” is so true.

If you’re not happy with your morning habits and want to change, it can be done but it has to be an intentional effort on your part.  Many people think they want to change, but rarely will put in the energy to make the changes that need to occur.  They’ve been that way for years and it works for them.  On the other hand, who wants to be an old grouch in the morning making yourself and everyone else miserable?  With school soon starting, wouldn’t it be great to send everyone out of the house in the morning in a good mood?

You can become an early happy riser and make it a habit you will embrace.  The first step is admitting your current method of waking up in the morning isn’t working and you want to change.

Be willing to try a different method and realize it may not be the first different method you try that will transform you into a new you.

Prepare yourself for bed with the same routine if possible.

With children and spouses this is sometimes difficult.  Start with a healthy diet.  Stay away from heavy fatty foods and sugars before bedtime.  Eat dinner early.  Of course, no caffeine or other stimulant before bedtime.

Try the early healthy dinner a few nights and make a note as to how you feel the next morning.  Is it working?  If not, don’t give up.  You just need to add more and different methods to your morning madness.

Just as we have plans for our children to have some ‘downtime’ before bed, remember that you need that as well.

Exercise daily. 

The better shape your body is in the better you will sleep and the better you’ll feel each morning.  Morning exercise is usually more helpful than just before bedtime. Nighttime exercise can get the blood flowing too much for you to fall right to sleep, yet  I know  I sleep better if I get a quick walk after dinner with the kiddos – it helps keep the digestion flowing and also helps me get some fresh air.

Finding time during the day to get a more productive workout will surely impact my ability to sleep well.   The body craves movement – when I’ve been at my desk just a bit too much some days, it  can mean I don’t settle in quite as easy or get as restful of a nights sleep.

Do what you like.

Do something pleasant before going to bed to put you in a good mood.  Read a good book for a few minutes.  Don’t get so caught up in it that you can’t put it down.  Don’t balance your check book or pay bills before going to bed.  Money worries are one of the main causes of sleeplessness. I also know if I watch an intense television show it will impact my ability to fall asleep.

Anticipate the morning routine. 

Make sure you’ve taken some time to prepare for the next morning.  If you’ve already taken care of getting organized for the morning, you will likely feel calmer and go to sleep much easier.  If I have not made the coffee already the night before I know I will wake up grumpy!  Take the time to do those little things that you know will begin your day positively.

First things first

Immediately when I wake up I grab my cup of coffee and hop back in bed to spend time reading my bible and preparing my heart for the day ahead.  This is not a choice, it is mandatory for me.  I know if I skip this time my day will be much more difficult.  I have to get my strength from the source – He is the one who helps me get through those tough situations as a mom – all those patient draining calamities and exhausting tasks.

New morning habits are not accomplished in a day.  Be patient and willing to experiment.  Soon you’ll like yourself better in the morning and so will your family.

What do you need to make your morning a success?

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