4 Tips for a Successful 21 Day Fix

4 Tips for a Successful 21 Day Fix

I just completed day 16 of my #21DayFix – WOOHOO!

I admit – I truly dislike having to watch what I eat, but I know the end result will be FABULOUS. I am not looking for a Beach Body, just one that is a little lighter (ahem) and a bit stronger.

As more readers are beginning their own Fix journey’s, I wanted to share a few simple tips that I have found helpful in the past two weeks.

#1: Love Your Water

When it comes to losing weight, there’s no more powerful weapon than water. Making this your number one beverage will allow you to see results much faster. The Fix requires 9 cups of water a day. Normally I can get enough water in, however, I decided to make this time fun and really enjoyable.

I have been keeping a pitcher with cold water and ice in the refrigerator with sliced lemon and lime in it. It is so refreshing to drink and really encourages me to go back for more. I also add in a few drops of Young Living Lemon Essential Oil and/or Young Living Lime Essential Oil. Lemon is especially great for aiding normal digestion, which we all need!

I tend to fill up my water bottle – this is my favorite one – and then I can easily keep track of what I drink and also take it on the go with me. I love that mine is glass, easy to clean, and also will not break when I accidentally drop it.

Water is a key component to dropping a few pounds. Your body also gets rid of fat through sweat and urination. If you’re not providing it with water, you’re not giving that fat an easy exit. But by drinking plenty of water, you’ll lose weight faster and you’ll feel better.

#2: Don’t Go It Alone

I was so thankful that when I began my Fix two weeks ago there were about six other friends who were beginning as well. Some had experience with it and had already done a round or two, so we created a little Facebook chat group where we could encourage each other along the way. There is nothing better than having a friend to listen when you mess up or need a kick in the rear to work out.

It was also a life saver for me on this round, as I ended up hurting my back on one of the workouts and had to modify my workouts. I could have easily just given up and decided to throw the towel in, but they encouraged me to do what I could and I continued on! (I am just about over the back strain and hope to be back in full swing with the workouts in a couple days.)

#3: Get the App

When I first was getting organized I had no idea there was an app to help me track my food, my workouts. and my water intake. It is amazing! I had already printed tons of sheets to help me track things and I tossed them all away as the 21 Day Fix App will do it all.

I don’t have to get all freaked out about staying organized and it doesn’t take me a lot of time to track things. I just do not have time for difficult or time consuming programs. That is one thing I love about the 21 Day Fix – simple, precise, and targeted. There is no messing around.

Stick the app on your phone and you can log it all. It keeps track of what day you are on too! Love it!

#4: Keep It Simple

The food portion cups are brilliant – so easy to measure and just eat. It is back to basic food and I really enjoy that. I can easily fix my family dinner and just eat certain portions for myself. I am not cooking twice or making two different meals at dinner.

I love having my Young Living Chocolate Pure Protein Complete Shake in place of the Shakeology one (it’s full of the same good protein and it’s less expensive!). I throw in a banana and I am good to go. Plus, it really is like drinking a chocolate milkshake. I only have one protein serving and a fruit. I mix it with 8 ounces of coffee (cold) and 8 ounces of ice, plus 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Blend it up and yum!

I keep some veggies on hand all washed and ready to eat – carrots, broccoli pieces, cauliflower, and zucchini. They are tasty and easy to eat on the go.

If you’ve done a round of the 21 Day Fix, I would love to hear your tips. Please leave a comment to share and help the other moms who are going through the program. I know I will be heading into a round TWO in the next few weeks.

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