6 Fall Essential Oil Blends for Your Diffuser

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I do enjoy all things fall, do you? The crispness of the air, the snuggly sweaters, the colorful display of nature, and especially the warm aromas of baking. Yummm, can you smell your favorite fall scent now? I must admit, I was quite excited with the thought of writing a blog article about my favorite fall essential oil blends for your diffuser. Even though fall hasn’t arrived in full force yet, I was too excited to wait!

It’s been years since I have had a fragrant candle in my home. Yes, I was one who was a candle addict, I admit it. I would go to the mall with my coupon and get all the candles I could to “freshen” up my home. Little did I realize that most of those candles were full of toxic ingredients and synthetic fragrance that wreaked havoc on my endocrine system and in my lungs.

Thankfully, soy and beeswax candles are much cleaner burning and nontoxic, so I will occasionally burn one. But for the most part, I am addicted to my diffuser…or diffusers in plural. Yes, I have several in my home, including on my nightstand so I can drift away to sleep with ease.

The leaves are beginning to turn and the evenings will soon become cooler; it’s time to start enjoying these fall essential oil blends for your diffuser which are guaranteed to give your home a cozy and warm feeling.

Must-Have Fall Essential Oil Blends for Your Diffuser

fall essential oil blends for your diffuser

I’ve included a printable with all the recipes, as well as labels for diffuser bombs. Diffuser bombs make diffusing blends simple and convenient. You add the indicated amounts to a larger bottle and dispense the oil into your diffuser from that blend. Aren’t the labels super cute? Perfect for you or gift-giving! Download the printable here.

Fall Orchard Autumn Essential Oil Diffuser Blend
Apple Cider Fall Essential Oil Diffuser Blend
Cinnamon Bun Fall Essential Oil Diffuser Recipe
Pumpkin Pie Essential Oil Diffuser Blend
Make the air smell like Spice Cake...yum
Warm Oatmeal Essential Oil Diffuser Recipe

Which is the one you can’t wait to try???

How to get started with essential oils

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