Coupons that don’t save a dime, but really add up

As the school year is underway and our schedules are HEAPING with more than the year before – how do you make time for what is important?  Determining what is important will be different for everyone, but I can almost guarantee that when we stop for a minute and truly think about what is important, it won’t be getting to the grocery store (unless your frig is completely bare!) cleaning the bathroom or watching Dr. Phil.  I bet spending time with family  would come to the top of the list – how about time with each of your children?

I know for me, it is hard to get that time to fit into my already crammed calendar, so when I got an email today with a message about coupons for your kids, it refreshed my memory to something I had done years ago with my kids.  As a single mom I used to give coupons to my kids for chores done rather than an allowance.  It worked at the time and helped me to spend time with each of my children individually.  Now as a blended family with more kids than parents, it is even more important to find that time to spend with each child one-on-one.  We give allowance in our household, so coupons can be used for extras.  When you see someone doing an “extra” good job, or perhaps when someone has a bad day, or a “just because” reason – hand out a coupon for your time.  You can use your imagination, but the final result is that your child will end up having something physical to hold onto that guarantees he/she gets some time with mom or dad in the near future.

It was a wake-up call to me that I needed to be putting into practice an old idea that I once used.  Also a wake-up that I knew I wasn’t spending the time with each of my children that I want to or need to.  It is hard, juggling everything – but when it comes down to it, aren’t these kids one of your most precious commodities?  Enjoy being creative and design some fun activities to share with your child and start handing out “time-giving” coupons today.

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