He’s Just a Dog

“Hello… name is Susan…..and I am a dog lover.”

Well, more specifically a Doodle lover and saying that is even more unbelievable!  If you knew me 5 years ago you would have a hard time believing it to be true – I was only a cat lover.  Yes, it’s true.

One day, a little over 4 years ago I was on a blind date with a ‘dog lover’ who didn’t really know I was only a cat lover, but over the next few months I grew to like the idea of a dog and then, well…… the rest is history as they say.  We are a family now of 5 humans and two furry ‘humans’.

We got our second dog shortly after we had to put our kitty down from kidney failure last year.  You can read about that heartbreaking experience in a post I did relating how our family dealt with the grief and the stress of losing a pet.  I sat this week reading several posts from other pet owners who had lost beloved pets and it brought a lot of those tears back and made me wonder, what is it about these little, or sometimes BIG furry guys that we just fall into head over heels love with?

Honestly, I can’t believe I will allow a dog to lick all over my face and then the next minute I see him licking his ‘privates’ and I forget the next time he comes over to smooch on me, I just eat it up!??? 

What makes our heart just open wide to these animals we welcome into our lives?

I wish I knew the answer, but I don’t.  I could guess… it that they are so cute, have big eyes that speak those words they cannot say?  Is it that they just love you no matter what?  These days there are few people you could count on to do that.  Is it that they run to you when you come home begging for your attention, yet they don’t whine, spill their milk or come home after curfew?  We just love ‘em.

This past week brought some bad news to our family and I am still struggling with it and thought I would share.  We have a puppy; well he is actually bigger than our other “older” dog by about 15 pounds, but our puppy started having seizures about 3 months ago.  The first one caught us completely off guard, it was a Sunday morning, I was passing our little foster baby off to my hubby to feed and the next thing I saw was Riley shaking.  It was horrible.  We managed to get that situation under control, but he was very upset, didn’t realize where he was when he came out and it took him about 30 minutes to return to normal.  We had thought we found the culprit of the seizure.  We discovered some insulation had been left out by the trash can in the dog yard and figured he must have ingested it and that was what caused the seizure.  So we let it go.

Then about a month later while on our trip to Yellowstone in our RV, we woke up one morning to him having another seizure.  This one passed a little more quickly, but now we had a real dilemma on our hands.  Obviously not the insulation mishap like we thought.  So when we returned home we took him to the vet to get checked out.  They did some blood work and figured he probably has some type of epilepsy.  We could start treatment that would hopefully stop the seizures, or wait it out a little longer.  We decided to wait; he had only had two seizures.

Well, Tuesday morning as I was getting out of the shower there he was having another on our bathroom floor.  I cannot tell you the frustration I felt and the sick feeling in my stomach.  Now we had to deal with this issue and realize it was an issue.  I still am pretty upset with the entire thing, but what do you do?  We talk to the vet, start him on medication and hopefully the side effects and cost won’t be too painful.  Why?  I start thinking…..he is just  a dog.  What about those parents who have children who suffer from different illnesses?  I have been truly blessed to have healthy children and have no idea the stress, pain and anguish parents go through.  I mean look at me, upset over a dog!  For crying out loud – are you kidding me?

But it is these pets, these ones who love us so unconditionally that enter our hearts and give new meaning to making a logical, common sense decision.  See….before I was a dog lover, I was one of those people who sat in wonder on how a person could spend thousands of dollars on a pet.  That was ridiculous! Funny what can happen, huh?

Now I see myself as one of those crazy people who have to decide how much and how far to go to keep this big furry ‘goofball’ we call Riley with us for the ride.  I mean, come on….look at that face…..what would you do?

How do you explain the love you have for your pet?  Or can you?

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