Sadness and Unexplained Joy Mixed Together

Sadness and Unexplained Joy All Mixed Together

Change and transition – that can sum up the past three weeks of life for our family. If you’ve been following along here on the blog or on my Confident Mom Facebook page, you know we just completed our transitional move from Seattle to the Washington Coast. {If you need to catch up, this post will get you up to speed on our life of simplifying and living our dream now.}

Phase One – complete!

Phase one consisted of finalizing the sale of our home outside Seattle, selling 80% of our personal belongings, and packing what remained for the movers to take. We completed one roundtrip with fragile belongings and then stayed in a hotel for five days because our home in Seabrook was rented for Labor Day weekend. We finally arrived Sunday afternoon and began unpacking the limited items we need for our one-month stay in Coastal Haven, our cozy carriage house. {By the way, if you are near the Seattle area and come to Seabrook, you can stay in our sweet carriage house too – just not while we are living in it! Here is the vacation rental page.)

We will remain here for one month and then move to another home we are renting for a year to determine if this move is truly the right direction for our family before we build our main home on the lot in front of our carriage house. I know, it does sound confusing!

What has this week brought? Emotions I did not expect.

Sadness and unexplained joy – all combined together. Exhilaration that we are finally doing this and living our dream and also unsettled nerves because things are new and different. I am sure for those who have moved to new towns and homes, you know what I am talking about.

I have had to step back and let myself cry, weep, and sit. As one who struggled immensely with emotional support for years, this is a bit unusual to do, a bit foreign even though it’s totally normal and I need to give myself permission to just be.

New experiences have been around each corner.

A new school, unpacking into only 700 square feet, walks on or along the beach each morning, evening strolls, waiting for the sunset to close our day, visiting with new neighbors, focusing on slowing down and allowing the climate here to swallow me up – this is what I imagined, a slowness and peace that my soul needed.

So there you go, that’s what’s been happening here – the life I imagined is blossoming. I am truly blessed and grateful for all that has happened to allow this shift to take place. For so long we played it safe and just kept doing what we thought we were supposed to do, but I love that we are stepping out, trying something different, and following God’s lead.

I encourage you – evaluate your life. It’s never too late and nothing is ever impossible! EVER! Living here in this community was something I truly didn’t believe would happen, but God knew my heart’s desire and He provided two work at home jobs, providing a source of income so that we could realistically make a transition like this. It has provided freedom – selling our home in Seattle and reducing our lifestyle to find something less.  

Often times when you reduce and have less, you truly have more. I am beginning to experience that. My soul is learning to slow down, to experience the cool breeze that blows, the sun that glitters off the waves – where I can take time to really see it, to feel it inside my soul.

I also spent the past two weeks reading Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. This book helped me see what I was missing and what was just waiting for me on the other side of this move. Ditching the frantic lifestyle for the calm and purposeful. It was a life saver, literally – it came just like a life boat at the time I needed it. Drawing me into a place to identify the areas that needed to be shifted and how I could do that. I highly suggest this book – no matter your season of life, just go get it now!

Now I am off to get outside and breath in the salty air and walk my dogs. This is what the beach life is about. Enjoy the moments!  

Thank you to all who were praying during our move. I am so very grateful!

(Sidenote – we did have this incredible Garlic Butter Baked Salmond in Foil our first night and it was the perfect meal!)

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