9 Musts for Marvelous Mornings


More manageable mornings

I was running frazzled, raising my voice and my four year old because we were going to be late to preschool AGAIN this week.  WHY?

Then it occurred to me, I had chosen to bypass my routine for the morning and everything was tubing down.

Sound familiar?

There are certain aspects of our lives that need to be in check – and for me and I feel for most moms – we need routine for ourselves and for our family.  Managing our homes does not come by chance and we need to be intentional to make things run smoothly.

I want a great morning and thought these tips might help you have a Marvelous Morning too!

Regular Wake Up Times

This is for everyone – you and your kids.  The particular morning I shared about earlier was one where I got up a few minutes later than my normal time and then I let my four year old sleep in a bit later because I wasn’t finished with my regular morning routine.  Big mistake.

Why I do this I will never know – but it has now been proven to me multiple times – I cannot expect everything to go smoothly when I change the routine.

Wake Up Oily Routine

I have a routine…..oh yes I do!!  It gets me off to a great start – so thankful for my Young Living essential oils instead of popping pills.  I love my Progessence Plus, Harmony over my heart, EndoFlex and some En-R-Gee – it’s what I do first thing in the morning.  Oh, and then I also love some Citrus Fresh in the diffuser!   {You can check this post out for more of my routines using oils during the day too!}

Your Favorite Beverage

For me, it’s coffee – yep – COFFEE!!  I especially love that I switched about two years ago to brewing only one cup at a time with a Keurig and it is fabulous. Fresh, hot, rich….. perfect to snuggle down with to spend some quiet time in the morning.  {This is my favorite coffee to brew in the morning!}  If you are not a coffee drinker – no worries – grab a beverage that you enjoy!


Me Time

In order for me to be the best I can be, I have to get some quiet time to myself when I first wake up.  I have a spot on my sofa, I curl up with my iPad (which holds my kindle and also YouVersion Bible APP) a journal and headphones so I can listen to some praise music to start my day.  There is nothing better to fill my tank – nothing!

Check the Schedule

If I haven’t looked at our day the night before (which I often have) I will quickly check the calendar and outline my list of errands, to-do items and what is for dinner.  This gets my mind focused on the day ahead.


We all know this one and I even resist and tell myself, “Oh, I will do that later.”  Well, guess what – it doesn’t end up happening.  If I end up taking two showers a day because I work out later in the day, so be it.  I know that I can focus better and am in a better state of mind when my body is fresh and clean.

Simple Breakfast

Scrambled eggs, cereal, toast with apple butter – simple choices.  Do not have too many choices either or you will be battling little ones who can make decisions!  I love that I can add on a breakfast menu option to my eMeals plan – making simple and easy breakfasts even easier!   You can save 20% with code SCHOOL on any eMeals Meal Plan until September 30th.

Have Buffer Time

It seems like the mornings can tend to be scheduled to the second.  Instead of rushing from one thing to the next, fix some buffer time in your morning so you don’t have to beginning raising your voice to get everyone out the door.  If I do my part and keep things moving in the morning and do not let people sleep late, including me – tasks get done easier and with less fuss.


This is almost the most important part of any morning routine – you need to get to bed at a time that allows your body to get enough sleep.  Your body needs sleep to re-set and restore itself, and if you are compromising your time in bed, your body will fight back.  Make sure you are getting to bed at a descent hour to get the sleep you need.

What is your favorite tip?

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  • Diana

    I can not make myself go to sleep early But that step it is the most important for me. 🙁 anyways I need to work on this.

  • Michelle S.

    Really needed to read these truths that I know but also ignore. Why do I do that!? Thank you.

  • Jessica Allen

    Thank you for your honesty. I was just fussing (OK nagging) at two of my stepsons this morning because we were running late. No one got breakfast, I didn’t get my quiet time and life just felt “blah”. I now realize that I didn’t stick to my schedule. We let one of them stay up a little later than normal last night. I hit the snooze button this morning instead of just getting up. So it all comes back to me and my actions. Praying for grace today 🙂

  • Mindfully Making

    Great post and I agree with sticking to a routine. With a routine in place for everyone mornings are so much better, and so much more relaxed. No raised voices needed. Like you I know this to be the case because I fall out of my routine regularly and then get my kids to school and I’m shaking my head when I drive home saying to myself “that was all completely avoidable”.
    I also have a typed and laminated a schedule with a daily and weekly routine on it for each of my kids and if I have them sticking to that everything runs like a dream. I created it from a fantastic template I found online. I wanted to stop repeating myself on a morning and afternoon and it works, not only does it work, it works well:) Thank you again for sharing as you do.

  • Shonda Knowlton

    I had a perfect morning routine before my kids started coming out of their rooms! I was able to exercise, get a shower and plan for the day and then they grew up and out of the cribs. I get up very early and can’t get up any earlier and I pack my morning, but they tend to wake up either right in the middle of my workout or right after. Because they are just 3 and 5, they don’t really know how to get going so I’m trying to get them going as well as sneaking in a shower (I usually let them watch TV for a half hour). It’s not my ideal at all. If I want to exercise I need to do it in the morning. I usually have breakfasts that I pop out of the freezer and make a smoothie. I hope someday when they are older they will not be so needy for me right when they get up. Plus I have to make sure they don’t fight. And since we homeschool and don’t usually go anywhere I’m never in a rush, but I still like to be ready by a decent time of day. Oh, it’s a crazy life right now and one I never imagined!

  • Bitsy

    Love this!! It’s exactly what I needed to hear – thanks for sharing Susan!

  • Janelle

    This is an area that I am taking a look at and trying to reorganize. The biggest change that I need to make is to get to bed earlier so that I can get up earlier and have my “me time,’ etc…and then get the children up on time. I have realized that it is really ME that is part of the problem of why we seem to be rushing so much in the morning – and I plan to change that! My one question for you – how much earlier do you get up than your kids?

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