7 Tips for a Fall Cozy Home


7 Tips for a Fall Cozy Home

The weather is changing and it’s the perfect time to begin transitioning our spaces at home to warmer and more cozy environments. There is nothing better than coming home from a “frightful” day outside to an inviting and warm space inside.

Here are some easy ideas to turn your home into a cozy refuge.

Throws and Cozy Blankets

The mornings are nippy at our house and we have blankets for almost every person, scattered around. Thick, soft, and easy to throw in the washing machine are a must! I especially love these large size Sherpa Throw Blankets. I will be adding a few of these in our home and bringing some to the beach too!

Carve Out a Reading Nook

Who wouldn’t love a nice spot to lose themselves in a book? Why not create a space just for that? Make sure to have a throw nearby and a cozy chair or a comfy sitting spot with room for setting a warm mug of tea. If it’s near a fireplace, even better – and with a door you can close!

Bring in the Lights

With shorter days it is extremely important to provide some soft light to bring life to your rooms. Add a few table lamps in places you may not have needed them in the summer months – or a floor lamp near a chair or sofa. If your entry way is dark, be sure to add inviting light there. I love these beautiful lights that plug directly in the outlet and provide wonderful warm lighting.

Slippers for All

There is nothing that says “welcome home” like removing your big bulky shoes you’ve worn all day and swapping them out for something more comfortable and definitely more cozy. With this simple step, you also avoid getting all the dirt and toxic chemicals from the outside inside. Have a basket near the door with slippers for the whole family or cozy socks. These cozy slipper socks are great for different family members, as well as guests who come over.

Bring the Outside In

Now is the time to find wonderful treasures from the outdoors and bring some life to your indoor space. Take a vase and arrange branches full of colored leaves, as well as pine cones, acorns, and gourds around the base. It is a simple way to bring fall indoors.

Soups and Stews

A stewing pot or slow cooker (my favorite slow cooker) will infuse your home with delicious aromas and warmth – so amazing to come home to! I have several favorite recipes and one in particular is on my stove today awaiting the arrival of our small group to enjoy tonight. The recipe is over on my sweet friend, Edie’s, blog Life In Grace – Chipotle Pumpkin Soup with Barley and Chicken. (Warning – it is FAB-U-LOUS!)

Sweaters and Cozy Wraps

This is the time to bring out the sweaters and cozy cardigan wraps. I love pairing them with leggings for around the house or dressing them up with jeans/dress leggings and boots. There is nothing better than being able to layer clothing to stay warm and cozy. I have just added to my Stitch Fix notes for my stylist to include a few new sweaters – they always have such great styles and textures I would normally not choose for myself.

Add Soft Light

I used to love candles in my home, and especially scented ones to celebrate fall, but times have changed. I have learned many of the candles and the scents in them could actually be making me feel worse. I have switched to battery operated candles with no lit wick burning and I have my wonderful Young Living Home Diffuser going with whatever scent fills my fancy. Not only does my house smell great, but we are getting benefits from the essential oils being dispersed through the air.

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