Increased Expectations


Chapter Three

A few sentences that stood out to me from Chapter 3:

“Our culture has created a sense of urgency and expectation that’s hard to shake.”

“The expectations of others seems to be a common issue among women who used to be organized.  It seems impossible to balance everyone’s needs.”

“As you establish a plan for responding to requests and set boundaries around your time, you’ll discover a renewed focus for your day.”

This one was a hard topic for me and I am being very convicted in knowing my priorities.  I am stepping out and going all “video” on you today – I think this might be my first Vlog!

Glynnis used this term and I am going to refer to it probably a lot “self-sabotaging behavior”.  I think there is a lot of behavior we do that is just that, self-sabatoging, self-defeating and destructive.

Okay, on to the video!   {If you are reading this in your email inbox, you will have to click over to the blog to watch the video}



Consider these questions, answer them in your journal, comment here or you can leave your comment on the private Facebook page.  Don’t be shy, come on – I let you see me with no make-up and my hair not done!

  •  Who is the master in your life?
  •  Who is defining your priorities?
  •  Do you have trouble saying ‘NO’ to people?  
  •  What was your best take-away from learning to say NO?
  •  What needs to be taken off your list right now in order for you to create space for something you know God is leading you to?

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That is it for this week’s post – I will be back on Monday with the reading assignment – I pray you find rest this weekend!

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