I Used to Be So Organized Book Study – Week 1


Let’s Get Organized!

Here we are ladies, our first book and Bible study together – so exciting for me – truly!!!   I felt a calling to lead a study for moms online but wasn’t sure what it would look like or how it would go.  You are all my guinea pigs, so have grace  🙂

I pray you all have your books, but if you do not,  you can read the first two chapters online, so you won’t fall behind!  There is still time to share this study with your friends and invite them along.   You can refer them to the description page here with all the information on the study and options for participating.

Each Monday I will be posting the weeks reading assignment as well as the Bible memory verse for the week.  I have not been one to be good at memorizing verses, in fact I really only know one verse by heart – but I’ve known it for nearly 16 years – Proverbs 3: 5-6 and I am so glad I do know it and can draw from it.  

With that being said, I am going to try my hardest to memorize these verses each week.  Really try……so if you want to join me – AWESOME!  If it doesn’t interest you or you feel too much pressure, no sweat.  Just look at my pretty graphic and move on. 

However, if you want to memorize, you can click on the image  I’ve created below, open it and either save it or print it.  



Week One Reading Assignment:

Read Chapters 1, 2, 3

I will be posting my thoughts on Chapter 1 on Tuesday,  Chapter 2 on Wednesday, and Chapter 3 on Thursday.  On each of those days I will ask you specific questions to consider, but as you read the chapters on your own, write down or highlight phrases that spoke to you.  You may take some time on your own before you even read my post to journal on some of the things Glynnis brings up in the chapter.  I like to read more than a chapter at a sitting, so if you are like that too, go ahead and read ahead, but be sure to jot down notes or highlight what stood out to you, so you can add to the discussion.

If you have questions as you read that you might like to ask Glynnis – please comment with them here or on the Facebook page, as she will be the first in the series of “Getting Real – Conversations that Spark Change” Conference calls that will be available as an additional supplement – details in couple days!  I promise!!   These calls will add just a bit more to the book study by adding real life conversations to embed what you are reading and learning in practical ways.

Assignment for today:

Before you dive in, find yourself a quiet place where you can pray.  I think it is extremely important for you to submit this time and this study to God.  It is not a coincidence you are here and will be surrounded with other like minded moms for the next seven weeks.  You can either waste this time or make it count, how do you think He would like to see things?  If you are here, I am sure you want to see some change.  Lay your heart out to God, ask him what He desires for you as you do this study.  Ask Him to help you find the time to read, to discover the habits that need changed and the help to be intentional and disciplined.  If you ask Him to help you, He will.  Remember, Satan loves nothing more than for you to give up, shut up and feel like a failure.  Go to Him who gives you life first and seek His desire and help.

I would now love it if you would leave a comment.  When you comment, others who are here get to know you, they can see that they are not alone – you may be surprised at something you say might really touch another person and inspired them. If you feel comfortable share if you are married or single and if you have kids how many – bonus question would be to add in where you live.  

Since I didn’t have any ‘traditional’ sign up method for this study, I honestly have no idea who is here or how many plan on participating.  I do know we are over 130 in the private Facebook page – that brings a big smile to my face!   

It’s not too late to join the Facebook page either, head on over and request to be added – we’d love to have you.  It is just an extra place to have conversation and ask questions within a group setting.  I also love being able to see everyone’s faces

Also Pinterest users can follow the I Used to Be So Organized Board, I’ll b sharing resources and more there soon!

Here are the previous posts about the I Used to Be So Organized study study:

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For future reference, I will be posting all the links to the study on a page, just not sure how I will organize it yet. It will have all the posts and reading assignments on one page – maybe on the reading plan post?

Let’s get this party started ladies!!



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