Setting Reasonable Expectations



Chapter Five:

A few key sentences that got my attention:

“When I should have been enjoying the happy chaos and accepting my life as it was, I kept trying to regain my old life and slammed into daily frustration.”

“Becoming a woman who sets healthy expectations for herself based on reality will bring a greater sense of acceptance, peace, and hope to your life.”

“Staying connected with God is crucial to finding balance and perspective during challenging times.”

The big one for me:

“There may be nothing you can change about your situation, but you can change your expectations.”

My expectations have gotten me in a lot of unpleasant and down right ridiculous situations.  I just have too high of expectations of what I can accomplish, should accomplish, could have done, and more, I have to begin to live in my reality.  Period.  Not comparing, not carrying guilt and certainly not rushing through life.

I related to Glynnis’s feelings of bitterness and shared about that a few weeks ago in a blog post, where I opened my heart to you and revealed my sin.  Let me just say, God is working on my heart because I am allowing Him and I am purposefully coming to meet with Him daily.  

He is so good!!

I love Glynnis’ suggestion to write down your to-do list and pray about it, God might very well reveal what you should not be putting on that list!  I think this is a goal for me.  Being okay with my situation and not holding onto bitterness and resentment is key to my overall health and how I can truly love my family.  When I understand and accept that I will not accomplish certain tasks, I can let them go (well, perhaps not that easy, but I am learning).  

For example, when my husband is out of town and it is day 3 of his absence, I know that I am going to be exhausted and my patience will be very thin.  I know better than to plan a big outing or try to accomplish a list of errands.  I need to accept my situation and change my attitude so that I can survive and be a pleasant mom, instead of a grouch because I had so many other things on my list that did not get done.  Isn’t that how it goes, we task orientated people get really down on ourselves and start to take it out on others when things don’t go as planned.  I also am one who needs to stop beating themselves up and allow myself some grace – can you relate?

If I remember to go with the flow a bit more rather than trying to fight up stream, it just works better for everyone.  Humor is one way to change my attitude, do you find it works for you too?  We are all a work in progress ladies, each and every one of us.  I pray you are being spoken to in such a slight and gentle manner about your actions and inactions and the power you have to make some changes.

Glynnis mentions downloading free podcasts to listen to and feed your mind good stuff.  Here are a couple that I have found very inspiring in the past few weeks, I listen as I run errands in the car, do my training runs or work at my desk…..

Inspired To Action – great podcast just for moms!

Saddleback Church Weekend Service – you will get great teaching from Rick Warren

Focus on Parenting – Focus on the Family – perfect for biblical insight for parenting.

It is exciting to be empowered ladies and allow Him to work in us!

Consider these questions, answer them in your journal, comment here or you can leave your comment on the private Facebook page.  

  •  How do you feel your family may have suffered do to your need to continue to ‘speed ahead’ and constantly do, even in the midst of a change of seasons?
  •  Do you feel you have set healthy expectations for yourself in this season? 
  •  Are you staying connected with God in the midst of your busy season, right now?
  •  Are you actively taking care of your needs as a mom?   Do you intentionally focus on eating well, getting some movement each day and finding some quiet space?  This will not just “happen” you have to be intentional.

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