Information Overload and Anxiety


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Chapter Two:

A few key sentences that got my attention:

“Identifying what is the most important piece of information at any given time is actually a skill you can learn.  It involves dismissing the unimportant (at the moment) and narrowing your focus to what is the most critical.”

“Many women stumble over the answer to this question:  What are the top priorities in my life?”

“As purposeful women, our priorities should determine our activities.  However, in our busy lives, the opposite happens:  our priorities are determined by our activities.  When we live an activity-driven life, we are never quote sure what’s more important.  When that happens consistently over time, a low level of anxiety settles in.”

The big one for me:

“When too much information is left unprocessed, that underlying tension keeps us from focusing on what’s really important in the moment.”

Today’s reading really grabbed me by the neck, so to speak. I felt convicted and could totally relate to what Glynnis shared. So often things are right in front our of faces, yet we just cannot see them until someone else points them out.

Now, I will start by saying, I do think I am a fairly organized person, and honestly I was really organized and felt “in control” of my home and my life until about 3 years ago, when God decided to make me more reliant on HIM than on my own ability by bringing a wonderful little boy into our home.

For those who are new here and do not know our story, we are a blended family of four – my husband and I married 6 years ago and had three children combined. Shortly after being married we both were led with feelings of adoption. To make a long story short, we ended up fostering to adopt Jacob, who is now a part of our family. {You can read more on our story of journey into foster care, our foster placements and our story of adoption}.

When this little boy entered our home as a 12 month old, my world was ROCKED! In so many ways, but the ability for me to manage my time and resources was sucked away from me. So I totally can relate to what Glynnis was sharing here about being overloaded and her common responses – which included emotional overreaction, lack of creativity in problem solving and foggy thinking.

Do you have that foggy mind too?  When there is so much inside your brain it makes it hard to categorize anything and prioritize?  A small notebook helped me a few years back, writing stuff down to get it out of my brain, now I can add a reminder to my phone and get it out of my brain.  When too much information is being tossed around in my brain it is like a traffic jam on a downtown freeway – keeping me more frustrated, irritated and emotional.  When I can break down the pieces and get them out, I get some relief.

The bottom line is and was for me, I needed to spend more time with God and allow Him to help me process and make decisions.  I needed time with Him….the only one who can give true peace.  If I was just trying to continue on in my own strength I would just be spinning my wheels.  When I began seeking His guidance in the most basic things, I was able to let go of the control.  Now, I have my to-do list and can ask the Lord to help me weed through it, placing emphasis on what is truly a good use of my time.

I was reminded during that season about things that are more important than clean counters and a spotless floor.  But when you continue to stay caught up in the pattern, you cannot make changes – you cannot break the pattern.

His peace is available today – don’t you love that?  Have you taken advantage of that today?

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.  John 16:33

Glynnis says, “At any time of the day or night, we can step out of our overwhelming schedules and find clarity and rest in the presence of Jesus.”  Have you taken advantage of that today?  

Consider these questions, answer them in your journal, comment here or you can leave your comment on the private Facebook page.  

  • Can you relate to how Glynnis felt about not being able to take time to be with the Lord until she had done her “to-do” list?
  • Do you consider yourself a Martha or a Mary?  How does it effective your daily life?
  • What method can you begin today to get some of those swirling items our of your head?
  • Can you share what God is showing you about habits or patterns that need to change?
  • Are mornings particularly hard in your home, what changes can you make to create more peace?

Come on back tomorrow, I hope to have a short video to cover my thoughts on chapter three – I am sure it won’t be pretty, but that is the fun of it, not everything has to be picture perfect!


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