Fall Nesting Tips for Your Home

Fall Nesting Tips for Your Home

We just dodged a huge storm that was to hit the Washington coast over the weekend, but it had me all giddy excited inside to experience my first coastal storm since moving to the beach. I know. I can be a bit wacky like that! 

But it certainly put me in the spirit of fall and looking for ways to make my home cozy and warm. The transition to fall is one of my favorite – grabbing blankets, cozy pillows, and changing the decor can really freshen my space for not a lot of money.

So what can you do to freshen your space this fall? I’ll share a few of my tips.

Blankets Are SO Good!

I am in love with this fabulous Faux Sheepskin Throw I was given as a gift from Pottery Barn. It is luxury to me and I tend to keep it all to myself! This one I found on Amazon is very similar and a much better price for keeping several scattered in the family room for getting all cozy. This cozy blanket also rates high and I’ll be grabbing a few to keep on hand for guests who come to the beach too.

Warm Beverages

This is a must for fall – being prepared with warm beverages for you, your family, and of course those guests who pop in. We have loved having our Keurig. It makes it super easy to make individual beverages, each on demand. This single serve version is also a big hit and I love the compact size. I love that you can grab coffee, hot cocoa, and cider in one click of a lever, having several choices for warming up after a breezy fall walk outdoors. They also have tea k-cups, but I prefer to just drink my favorite tea (Lemon and Ginger) with a mug of hot water!

Make Space

This is BIG right now for us. Clutter. It’s all about getting rid of extras and loving what we have in our homes. Having just moved, this was a huge turning point in realizing what really was meaningful in my home and what was just taking up space. I was able to get rid of a lot of stuff that was just there and really didn’t have a place in my heart.

I challenge you to really look around your home. What brings you joy and happiness? What is just taking up space? I really enjoyed reading Melissa Michaels’ book, Make Room for What You Love. It gave helpful tips on learning to let go of stuff.

It’s time to make some space to breathe in your home and really take joy in looking around your rooms with a happy heart. It will lift your spirit as well. You will feel lighter and just a bit happier. I can guarantee it.

Diffuse Something Yummy!

I love the season where I can begin to diffuse Cinnamon Bark essential oil! In the past, I was a candle person. But not anymore! Once I learned the damage that burning those candles is doing to my body – no more! Now I can enjoy fabulous scents without the harmful side effects.

Here are a few of my favorite blends to put together! The Pumpkin Pie is to DIE for, and Snickerdoodle too! I also enjoy this Pumpkin Spice Room Spray – YUM!

Autumn Diffuser Blends

Don’t have a diffuser or essential oils? No worries. I can hook you up!

Young Living new member special

What are you excited to put into motion for fall?

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