6 Refreshing Ideas for the Busy Mom

6 Refreshing Ideas for the Busy Mom

I love the transition of seasons. There is something when the air shifts to cooler mornings that brings a peace to my spirit. But with that, seems to come the entrance of the busyness that can often overwhelm us as moms.

I seem to ebb and flow with keeping life in balance and finding time for me to keep refreshed. The interesting thing I find is that often I feel like I am the only one struggling to find that refreshment which I crave. Seems like all the other moms have it together – what is the matter with me?

That ache of perfectionism seeps in – that area I am currently struggling on shifting. Allowing myself to not be perfect and be okay. The realization that I just cannot do it all – NO, I can’t. Even though I am driven to push forward.

The calm, the slowing down, the sitting and being quiet – the voices of a few friends lingering in my mind. My body starts to relax.

Life is busy – I get that. However, I refuse to believe that I have to live in the midst of always going, looking at my to-do list unfinished, and just basically getting by. I want to be more of who God wants me to be and when I exhaust myself, I certainly do not become the best of me. I become the worst of me, to myself and to those I care about.

So what’s a tired mama to do? Step back…take a breath…and savor a few moments and let go. If I do not, angst and hopelessness can easily become part of my life again.

Here are a few of my sanity savers that I have been practicing lately. Do any of these sound like small steps toward self-care you could incorporate too?


Friends, I am terrible at this one. However, I am putting it first on my list as I know the power it has to change things in an instant and I need to have this be my FIRST plan of action when I begin to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Seek His grace and mercy – and push ahead with His plan.

Find Quiet

With a house full, finding quiet can be difficult. I absolutely love to spend time at the beach – walking outdoors and down to the ocean is so refreshing and incredibly relaxing to my soul. The sound of waves is like a big hug from God. But I can’t always be at the beach, so I need to create some quiet space in my own home, to let my spirit exhale.


Getting outdoors is perfect medicine for my soul too. With the cooler months coming, do not let that be an excuse to stay indoors. Bundle up and head outside. The coolness on your face will refresh you and the air will fill you with new energy. It’s the perfect place to head when you feel like the walls are closing in on you.

Treasure Music

This is one of my sweet spots – listening to music. A few of my favorites that bring a calm to my spirit: Lauren Diagle (this is my favorite album right now!), Koeola Beamer (here is an example of his Slack Guitar – love it!), and the Passion Worship Band (a favorite of mine). Find music that brings life to you. Play it in the car, in your home, and enjoy!

Get Take Out

Yes, I said that. In the past I would never have made this an “okay” thing to do, unless it was planned in advance. But you know, life happens. My work with my perfectionism helped me to realize that at the end of the day if I am exhausted and not in the mood to cook dinner, it is better for everyone if we just order some good for us food. We have shifted our budget so we can allow for these occasions, and it has really helped to refresh me.

Crawl in Bed 

Yep, even at two in the afternoon. There are not many days that I do this, however…when I just put my jammies on and crawl in bed for some “Fixer Upper” or just reading, it can help me and my mind find its happy place. There are even days when my five year old loves this and joins me, which I find so cute. But honestly, I love the days when I can just crawl in bed, escape, and not have to do mom duty anymore. I am truly lucky when that happens.

What are your “go-to” ideas when you need to give yourself a break? Here is an article I wrote some time back that gives a few more ideas on caring for yourself.

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