Getting Started with Essential Oils



My inbox is crammed full of wonderful emails from you all asking me how to get started using Young Living essential oils, what oils I recommend and how I’ve managed to help support a healthy immune system for me and my entire family.  So I am here to answer some frequently asked questions.

I can hardly believe it’s been almost two years since I took control and was empowered with my health needs and can honestly say I have never felt better.

Today’s post will help you get some questions answered and give you the chance to begin your journey using essential oils.

How do I use essential oils?

I felt a bit lost when I first started looking at what I could do to improve my health.  There was a lot of information out there and many alternatives to my traditional way of caring for my health.   But I had to make some changes for my emotional and physical health.  It was critical for me and my family – most especially with my diagnosis with an auto-immune disease.

In our home we diffuse essential oils, apply them topically, use them in detox baths, add to recipes and we also take some internally when needed.  After much research and trial uses of different essential oils from many companies, I chose Young Living.  Any recommendations I give on how we use them anywhere on my blog, only refer to Young Living.

One thing is key when you begin using essential oils.  You have to change your perspective a bit with natural additions to supporting your body and it’s immune system.  Our society has been accustomed to taking a pill for an ailment and then not thinking about it for another 12 hours.  With essential oils, there is a difference.  You will find greater success using them more frequently and more consistently.  When I wake up in the morning and get that feeling of not quite being 100%, I am consistent with application, sometimes every hour until I see improvement.

How should I begin?

This is probably the most common question I get.  Usually, unless there is a special circumstance, I always suggest someone purchase the EO Premium Starter Kit.  This is by far the best value, it’s the only thing Young Living has that is over 50% off retail.  It also has the best variety of oils to use in your home.  It is an investment, I will kid you not…. but if you have to save up for six months in order to get the Premium Starter Kit do it!  Or ask for it for Christmas.  The diffuser is one of the biggest benefits of the Starter Kit and it is a MUST have item.

If you are interested in another Premium Starter Kit, there are others you can choose from, but the EO Premium Starter Kit is my recommendation for sure.

Young Living starter Kits

Will you be here to help me along the way?

For all my new members, I send them a reference guide that is crucial to understanding all about essential oils.  You will find all the information you’ll need from different oils and their uses to suggestions for different health concerns – right at your fingertips.

I also have a Private Facebook page where you can get support and find resources just for my community.  Everyone loves this little haven to feel comfortable asking questions and sharing experiences.  I also participate and host monthly education classes online for my community – helping everyone learn more and expand their knowledge base.

New beginnings with anything are hard and a transition, I get that.  Precisely why I love to help support my community of oily users.  It is and has been a learning curve for me as well and such a joy to see others experience the benefits of adding natural alternatives to their lifestyle.

If you are ready to get your kit on the way to you – hop over to this page for more information.  If you are ready to sign up as a wholesale member and get your kit – go HERE.

After you sign up and order your kit you will receive a Welcome email full of great information to get you started while you wait for your kit to arrive.  I so look forward to helping you on this journey!!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am just a mom sharing my experience in order to help others, not a doctor.

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