The ‘No Microwave Zone’

The 'No Microwave Zone'

Over the past few months I have had more people ask me about my success with NOT using the microwave. I shared publicly on my personal Facebook page about 9 months ago that I was banning myself from the microwave. Yep – no more. 

Since I was on a journey to better health and wellness for myself and my family, I was very open to hearing the possible issues and some factual studies with microwaving your food.  It was a bit eye-opening to me.

This article shares a bit of the reasons, as well as this one. Oh – and this one!  

I am not here to get into an argument or get all “scientific” with people, and honestly I think my husband believes me to be a bit over-the-top, but he’s willing to support me. I have made the decision that by taking a bit more time and purposefully planning I can completely avoid the microwave. So why even take the chance that even a quarter of what those articles stated could be true? My health is worth much more than a few minutes I would save in my kitchen.

Truly, it doesn’t take that much longer to reheat food or cook things without the microwave. And I do feel the quality of food is better for my family. Period. If I am taking the time and making other changes in my health and having tremendous results (my Lupus has went into remission folks with all the health and wellness changes I have made over the years!), then it’s all good!

So what’s a busy mom to do?

Here are some steps I use in order to keep serving food running smoothly in my home without using the microwave.

Use a Counter Top Oven

We got a counter top oven from Costco, similar to this one, several years ago and I have transitioned a majority of my cooking to it. Yes, it takes some space up on my counter, however – I find it more convenient, to be honest, and way more efficient.

Plan Ahead

Using an oven takes more time than just popping items in the microwave – so as a mom, I have to plan ahead. I cannot wait until everyone is famished at lunch time and then think I will pop in a few leftovers in the microwave to heat up. I start preparing food at least 30 minutes before we are going got eat. It was a transition to get into a new habit, that was all.

Use Glass Containers

We are almost completely rid of any plastic food storage containers in our home and use exclusively glass with lids. If you read anything about reheating in plastic (ugh, yes…you need to be aware of Endocrine Disruptors all around us!) – you will run to throw out your plastic and only reheat and serve in glass containers. This was a big step and one that we did several years ago. It makes it very easy to store leftovers and then reheat in the same container.

Less Is More

If I didn’t have the small counter top oven I think we would be using more energy to heat our regular size oven, plus in the summer the heat it releases can be overbearing. I love having a small compact oven to use. I can easily fit casserole dishes in it and will bake things using less energy. It becomes an issue that is about health but also saving energy. Our oven has a convection feature, which is a time saver for reheating, baking. and roasting.

Baby Steps

I challenge you to pick one thing to do now. If you can get rid of plastic containers, do that! Go to thrift stores to replace your containers with glass ones. If you can make the change to begin not using the microwave and create a new habit, go for it. I will tell you, other members of my family still use the microwave – I cannot control them, but I know that I am making the right choice for me and my family when I am the one doing the cooking in the kitchen!

So, are you in? Take the challenge and ditch you microwave use for a week. It’s not that hard!

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