7 Things No One Told You About Motherhood

7 Things About Motherhood Use

I think it’s safe to say that we all had glorious images of what our life would be like once we began having children. For me, I had visions of a clean home, dinner on the table at 6:00pm, and wonderfully behaved children. Well, that bubble was busted early on!

I’ve been doing this motherhood thing for nearly 24 years. Am I an expert? Um, no way! Have I learned some things along the way? You bet. I’ll share a few of those things from my journey through motherhood. As you read them, I think you will be giving a few of them a big Amen!

Yoga Pants for the Win!

There are days – and sometimes days on end – where you can barely make it out of your pajamas and into something that resembles clothes, which we have now all adopted as our beloved yoga pants! They are stretchy, comfortable, easy to wipe off, and usually black (which matches any color top). Moms, we do love our yoga pants!

It’s Really Lonely

No one tells you this, but it is absolutely the truth. Even with strong support systems in place, your days can seem endless. After doing the same thing over and over again, you become almost like a robot. You lose touch with the outside world. It’s really tough.

A Mini Van Will Be Your Dream Car

I can remember the day we brought our new-to-us mini van home. It was glorious for me. I loved the ease of placing my daughter in her car seat and sliding the door closed. My back loved it. My body was in heaven, but my young-at-heart self was almost destroyed. I did enjoy the convenience of the mini van, but to be honest, I am glad I am out of that season!

You’ll Wonder What a Vacation Is

The word vacation will take on a new meaning – truly! Before children you had time away with wonderful meals at fine restaurants, luxurious hotels, and quiet moments. Once children are here, your vacation takes on a new meaning. Typically, you spend more time packing and unpacking than you actually did on your vacation and you need a week after you return home to recover. I know you know what I am talking about! It’s sometimes easier to just stay home.

It’s a Really, REALLY Hard Job

Yep, like someone had to tell you?! When we acknowledge it, I think it takes that power away. I know there are days which we are barely able to make it through. Those days with sick kids, a sick mom, and more bodily fluids than you can even begin to imagine. I know. Even on the days where things seem smooth, it is still exhausting. When you are pouring into the little ones in your life, your body and soul gets weary.

Bathroom Quiet Moments Rock

No one will tell you that the only private moments you will have during the day are when you are locked behind a door taking care of some business. But it’s true. Treasure these few minutes. And yes, I know we’ve all gone into hiding there saying, “We are taking care of business.” But I will tell you when I try to carve out some quiet time, I can find it when I am intentional.

You Will Need JESUS More!

When you’re exhausted – He’ll still be there.

When you’re frustrated and overwhelmed – He’ll still be there.

When you’re in tears on the floor in the bathroom – He’ll still be there.

This has been the most concrete thing for me to remember as I journeyed through my seasons of motherhood. He is there and when we take time to meet with Him, He will show up in all things. Mama – be sure you are reaching out to Him each day so He can meet with you too.

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