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I was thrilled to open three letters this week – all from the compassion girls we sponsor here on The Confident Mom, with your support through making amazon affiliate purchases.  I can hardly believe that we are ready to take on another sponsor child!!  WOO HOO!

For those who are not familiar, a few months backs I felt the urge to allow this blog to make a difference in another way by providing support for a sponsorship of a Compassion child.  I attended the Hearts at Home Conference back in March and it all began there.  Our first girl from India, Shine.

As I shared that challenge to use the amazon affiliate link when shopping on amazon, our amount earned each month grew – in just a short time we were able to add two more girls to the sponsorship!


Well, I have exciting news again…… you all have AMAZED ME – and we are at the point where we can add another Compassion Sponsorship to The Confident Mom’s little “global family”.



Judith Sheeba

She is from the same area in India as the other girls, which is really a blessing.  She is sixteen and her birthday is in March.  As soon as I learn more about her I will be sure to pass it on.  So excited to be sharing more blessing with this village!

It is the season where people tend to do even more online shopping (or is that just me??  I hate going to the mall!!)  So in your regular purchasing or gift giving, when you are looking to shop on amazon if you would take a minute and click through this link or the graphic on my homepage, you will hep add to this amount and be helping sponsor these girls.  It is amazing how we can all help and make a difference with just a few addd seconds of our time.

Purchasing using this link does not cost you any more, it does not add anything to the price of the items you are already purchasing, but it does have the impact to make a much larger impact in the world.  I know these girls are thrilled to have you sponsoring them.

Here is the update on our girls:


Reading books, playing football and playing hide and seek are her favorite things to do.  She recently had a birthday and we were able to send a birthday gift amount and she purchased a “trolly-bag” and NIV Bible and some chocolates.  (That sounds like a perfect gift to me!!)


Her school recently had a sports day where they had many events to participate in and also danced.  She also had a birthday recently and was able to purchase 2 sets of slippers, a hand bag, a pouch and some chocolates.  (hmmm…. I see a trend!)  She also sent a beautiful picture on the back of her letter.


She was sharing how her cousin recently had gotten married and had a baby, which she sounded excited about.  Her favorite Bible verse if Psalm 91 –  (love that!!)  She shared a bit about the sports day as well, which is fun….all three of the girls to know each other.  There was also a nice drawing on her letter too.


Thank you so much for taking the time to use the amazon affiliate link so we can bless these families on the other side of the world.  It is amazing how we can each do a little bit to make a bigger impact!

If your family is interested in sponsoring your own family, here is information to make it quick and easy.  I  know you will find it just as rewarding.


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