Beautiful Bedrooms and Baths



Chapter Seventeen:

A few key sentences that got my attention:

“Search your house for treasures you can incorporate in new ways.

The answer to your clutter problem is somewhere in here.  You probably know what it is, but you are avoiding it because of the domino effect.”

“Perhaps the answer lies in solving one problem, while allowing another to sit until you can address it.”

“Making sure the house is clean and organized is my calling in our family.”

The big one for me:

“More than making them functional, your private rooms, above all others, should be havens.  They should be retreats from the world, places of rest and beauty

I loved this chapter – it was full of such practical advice, tips and strategies to combat the ‘unorganized’ private spaces in our homes.  I really liked how Glynnis looked at the symptoms of certain problems, like “the closet being too full”  or “there aren’t enough hangars” and really took it another step to determine what the real problem was.  We avoid things like the plague!

You have some tips and tricks that you can add to your list of things to conquer in the weeks to come or perhaps you are set to determine to deal with some of these issues this week – good for you!  Remember, you won’t be able to do everything as we talk about it, but keeping a project notebook is a great way to go back and access the information.

One area that really spoke to me and I wanted to highlight here was about caring for your spouses, or others people’s stuff in your home, especially if they are messier than you.  I shared this on the conference call with Nikki, but I love what Glynnis shares here with regard to dealing with her husband and him leaving his stuff all over:

There were three options:  1) continue to nag uselessly; 2) leave the clothes where they were and hope he eventually picked them up; or 3) consider it a loving act of service to clean up after him.  Occasionally I get it right, and that was one of those times.  I chose option three.  Beginning that day, I picked up my husband’s clothes.

I began doing this with my husband, but also a few other people in my family.  It is great to teach skills and I do feel you must teach your children how to handle their things, but there is also a time to just clean up and do it yourself and bless them, instead of creating a nagging environment that does no one any good.  (There, that is my public service announcement for today!)

Make sure you hop over and listen to the call we had with Jane DeLaney last night – it was great!  If you didn’t purchase it before now – don’t worry, you can run over and get it now  and the rest of the series too.

Consider these questions, answer them in your journal, comment here or you can leave your comment on the private Facebook page.  

  • Is your bedroom a place that could be a haven if you were able to prioritize making it so?
  • Do you have one family member which in particular drives you crazy because they do not pick up after themselves?
  • Can you apply Ephesians 6:7-8 in your home and have peace in your heart?
  • If you had 15 minutes to do one task in either you bedroom or bathroom today, what would that task be?
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