The Heart of the Home



Chapter Fifteen:

A few key sentences that got my attention:

“An organized kitchen helps me focus on what’s important, instead of being mentally drained by a mess.”
…I’m discouraged from starting anything….. It just takes too much mental energy for me to overcome clutter.”
“Not only does clutter drain energy from me, but there is no room for anything beautiful when there’s stuff all over my counters.” 


The big one for me:


“Allow yourself to envision your ideal purpose for your kitchen”

I think one of the areas that I can actually keep somewhat clean and organized is my kitchen, but I know this is an area which can be very stressful for most families.  I am fortunate that I have a large space in our kitchen and it also has an eating area and it is connected to a family room.  I love the open space and ability to have everyone in the room while I am cooking or preparing other things in the kitchen.

But it does create a ‘larger’ space for junk to congregate too, especially with my older kids.  They come in and drop their backpacks, papers, computers, phones, etc.  You get it!  My goal I guess it to come up with a plan to show them where they can put their items without clogging up my nice island.  In fact, we just put in a new counter top, and I love to see the counter top – so coming up with a drawer, or area for them is better than for me to continuing nagging them!

I am pretty good with organizing food and keeping a pantry that is fairly easy to navigate.  Is that a struggle for you?

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the tasks that Glynnis lists in this chapter to cover.  You can take one or two this week and add a few for the next few weeks, allowing time to sort through areas that are a concern for you.  I do love her tips:

Invest in a few really good kitchen items, and you will find you need less – so true!

Using a basket on the counter for odd and end items to help them find a place.

Keeping a permanent marker to date food – this one is a MUST for me, I freeze a lot of leftover items and my worst nightmare is opening the freezer and finding stuff that doe snot have a label.  I have no idea what it is and it will then likely be left unused.

Consider these questions, answer them in your journal, comment here or you can leave your comment on the private Facebook page.  

  • What is your vision for your kitchen?
  • Can you provide a place for your family members to place things and then gently train them to use those spaces?
  • Does simplifying your kitchen with less spark an interest?  How can you take away some of the items that may have been bought with a sense of providing an ‘easier’ way to do things, but ultimately just took up space and time cleaning up?
  • Can you take some time this week to clear out a pantry, cupboard or other area which has been haunting you? 
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