Jump-Start for the Overwhelmed



Chapter Eight:

A few key sentences that got my attention:

“Regardless of your available time, energy level, and resources, you have everything you need to accomplish the responsibilities God has given you”
“Focusing on what God is asking you to do today, this week, and this month is the first step in becoming a woman who manages time well.  For most of us, this means simplifying our lives.”
“I realized my mind was trying to manage more stuff than it could hold, and a to-do list wasn’t the answer because it wasn’t keeping things in safe places.”

The big one for me:

“You can live a simple life with clear priorities and the right amount of responsibilities.”

That is my desire….my prayer….my clear direction while doing this study.  You know, just because I’ve already read this book through once, does not mean I have it all together.  The past few weeks I have been struggling more than normal with my discontent attitude.  It is horrible.  I know that the Lord wants to fill me with Joy, Peace and Hope….and when I crowd into His space, it begins to turn ugly.  I want SIMPLE, LESS, JOY, MOMENTS.

I really liked how Glynnis honed in on this phrase, “the responsibilities GOD has given you.”    She helps us remember to not focus on what others are doing or can do, but rather truly recognize what God has given us, and what we have perhaps done to ourselves.  OUGH, that one smarted for me a bit.  I think I often jump into things that are not mine to do.

In this chapter you were taken through a step-by-step process of looking at your responsibilities in a new way….. I love this guide.

Step One:  Personal Assessment

Step Two:  Edit Your Responsibilities

Step Three:  Establish a Review Process

One problem I discovered that I carried just like Glynnis, was this notion that I can contain everything in my mind.  I can’t…..that is not what my mind is for.  I have to have a dump area.  So, by taking time to write out my ‘stuff’ and put it in a notebook, I was relieved!  This is even more important for my business……I have ideas floating around in  my head all the time, if I cannot categorize them and put them all down somewhere I am overloaded and it prevents me from doing anything.

The second part of Glynnis’ plan is to determine what needs to be deleted from your schedule – certain responsibilities.  This is the hard part, but the most important.  You’ve already determined things can’t go on at the speed they have been, so something has to give.  Period.

“Editing your life is a process.  It takes time to resign or redefine certain responsibilities.”

Glynnis takes you through the process…….did you give it a chance?  Don’t just read about it, if you have not taken the time to do this task, mark it on your calendar to do this week.  Nothing will change without you doing the work.

Consider these questions, answer them in your journal, comment here or you can leave your comment on the private Facebook page.  

  • Did you do the work for this chapter?  If so, what was your biggest revelation?
  • Do you fear a sense of failure if you have to stop doing a task or deleting something from your schedule?
  • How often do you think you will need to review your schedule and responsibilities?
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