Closets and Storage Spaces


Chapter Nineteen:

A few key sentences that got my attention:

“Storage spaces are the foundation of home organization.

“We delay making decisions about things when we don’t’ have the space to store them.  So, we stack boxes on the floor of a closet, pile bags on top of each other, or throw things in bins.  It’s easier.”

“It can be painful to release things you’ve loved, but you will be lighter in spirit afterward.”

“The problem most of us have is too much stored in too little space.”

The big one for me:

“When I find it hard to part with a skirt I once loved, there’s an image I bring to my mind.  It motivates me to make the right decision.  The image is of a single mother who is trying to get a job.  She knows she needs to provide for her daughter, but she doesn’t have anything nice to ear, nor the money to run to the mall and pick up a cute outfit.  She needs something.  Then I look at the lovely skirt I no longer wear.  That skirt can either hang in my closet gathering dust, or it can help a sister I haven’t met.

I honestly do not have that much trouble going through my closet and getting rid of clothes.  This has not always been the case though.  I used to have a lot more clothes than I do now, but you know, my life is simpler if I have less.   It is the same for my kids too – a few basic items are better than a ton of many items.  Less to wash, less to put away and less to find somewhere to store them!

I like Glynnis’ suggestions to store items that you are not using in that season, somewhere else.  I have a bin that is up high in my closet for out of season clothing, it helps free up space and brings about an ordered look to my closet.  Which lowers my anxiety!

Removing what you are not wearing is a key strategy to keeping things in order.  If I haven’t worn something in a year -bye bye!  It is gone, period.  It is a good rule to have.

I do not have a linen closet in my entire house! Seriously, not anywhere.  I use the space below my bathroom sink to store towels and one cabinet that we installed above our toilet in a bathroom to keep spare sheets.  Not much space, but it works.  I think by having less space we accumulate less stuff – amazing how that happens.

Consider these questions, answer them in your journal, comment here or you can leave your comment on the private Facebook page.  

  • Do you need to work in your linen closet or hall closet first?
  • Do you feel you have too many items of clothing?  What could you donate or take to a consignment shop in the next week?
  • Are you in a habit of putting away items in the closet in an orderly fashion, or is keeping a closet organized a challenge for you?

For those in the US – enjoy your day with family – Happy Thanksgiving!  Say a prayer for me as I will be flying back home tonight after leaving my dog with his new family.  I am sure I will be quite the mess – a blubbering mom on a 6 hour flight!

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