Making the Best Choices



There is no such thing as a perfect decision.

I need to be reminded of this constantly – how about you?  It’s funny, I used to be more a “go with it” kinda gal, I just made decisions on the fly….and then something happened and I now tend to be more apprehensive and timid in some decision making.

What I’ve learned so far during this study is that I need to make a request to the Lord and then wait and listen.  Truly listen.  Be silent, waiting for direction or some clear indication of what I need to do.  Rather, I will make a request and then hurry along and not really be that fixed on waiting for the direction.  I tend to be an action person…. rarely sitting back and waiting.

It was refreshing for me to read this line:

“As long as you desire to please God with your decisions, no decision you make will be completely awful.”

I think I am fearful the most of making the wrong choice, so I get paralyzed.

This is where I know Lysa’s discussion in Chapter Seven, “Consider the Trade” will help me moving forward.  I need to be realistic with my season of life and what more I can take on.  I have to be willing to let something go in order to take on a new challenge or task.

“If I want to choose a Best Yes, it’s crucial I make room for it first.  Otherwise, a Best Yes can quickly become a stressed yes.”

This quote reminds me of how many experts say you should give up a bad habit, or what can make it easier.  They say that instead of just trying to give it up cold turkey, you should replace it with something else.  So, instead of just giving up diet coke cold turkey… replace it with something that you would enjoy (maybe not as much) but that you can do instead.  This will give you something to do instead of the thing you are trying to give up.  It is almost the same type of process, replacing or trading.

When we look at our days and evaluate our time, we often are book “full.”  So when we want to consider another item on our agenda, we certainly need to realistically decide to “trade” out something.  I know many have discussed on the FB page that we often just keep doing some of the tasks we’ve done for years, just because we’ve done them for years. We don’t really take the time or consideration to know if they are still the “Best Yes” for us now.  

I love the idea of looking at what we have on our plates right now and determining if those decisions we made years ago are still the Best Yes.  

This will be my assignment for myself during the next week.  Breaking apart how I spend my time and determining if those commitments I made years ago, are still right for me today.

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