The Bible in 90 Days


I have never read the bible cover to cover……… there I said it!   A little embarrassing for me.  This has been something that has been on my list of things I want to accomplish, but it has not happened.  I fail every time I try.

Why is it that something else always seems more important?

Is this the same for you?

I stumbled upon this website last year about this time, Mom’s Toolbox where this great encourager, Amy leads a group of ladies through the bible in 90 days.  I signed up last year, got the encouragement, even attended a few twitter gatherings to hear how everyone else was doing, but about 1/3 of the way through, I missed a few days….then it was a few more….and then I couldn’t catch up.  I felt defeated.

Fast forward to today and I am committing again to try to read the bible in 90 days on The Bible in 90 Days Challenge.  Yep, that’s right.  I intend to read the Bible in about 90 days from cover-to-cover without skipping anything in the middle.

I have signed up, ordered The Bible in 90 Days bible and hope that will help keep me on track.  I am praying that The Lord will help me find the time to make this happen, as I know I cannot do it on my own strength.

My life is busier right now than it was last year – I have a 1 year old in the house who has captured my heart and taken hostage all the “spare” time I had!  I still need to balance my life of homemaker, wife, mom, step-mom and now foster-mom as well as run a business.

How will I find the time for reading the bible?

With prayer, being intentional and having realistic expectations.

If you have ever wanted to read the bible cover to cover, maybe this is your time?  I invite you to join me and a group of other woman who want to succeed and encourage each other on this journey.  We can support and encourage each other and celebrate our accomplishment and our revelations along the way!

With the current challenge schedule, I will be finishing on my birthday, April 2nd.  What a fabulous birthday gift to give myself!  🙂

Have you ever read the bible cover to cover?  What was your experience like?

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