Biblical Encouragement for the Overwhelmed Mom

Biblical Encouragement For Overwhelmed Mom

It’s no mistake that you are reading this right now.

Maybe you are like me in this season, feeling rather suffocated, burdened, and overwhelmed?

Perhaps your parenting toolbox is empty and you’re frustrated because you’ve raised your voice.

How about feelings of loss, family grief, or just feeling like you are not doing what you should be doing or what you see others moms doing.

Take a deep breath and let me share with you a few ways I have been taking small bits of time to read what the bible has to say about all of these things.

I love the YouVersion Bible app. It is perfect for a busy mom to grab at a moment’s notice to look up scripture, to read a quick devotional on a subject that will help you feel empowered, or to help you grab five minutes to nourish your soul.

I have discovered several short devotionals that have soothed my broken soul and I wanted to share them with you.

To be quite frank with you all, the season I am in right now is exhausting, frustrating, and has me feeling hopeless. So…it’s time to dig in…who is with me?

You can find all these devotionals by downloading the app, then click PLANS and search by keywords.

Overwhelmed by my Blessings: Encouragement for Moms (Part One)

This devotional has TWELVE parts; friends, this will take you through an amazing journey. Written by Robin Meadows, who has raised seven of her own children, it will speak right to your heart. I am currently reading PART THREE, and it is so refreshing to me. I will be downloading her book as well, Overwhelmed By My Blessings, to dig in a bit deeper. I love her writing and how she relates God’s word.

5 Days to Freedom From Angry Parenting 

Oh boy…this is somewhat embarrassing, especially since I am a Certified ScreamFree Parenting Leader. Oh man, but this parenting an adopted child is HARD! Just when you think things are going smooth—BAM! Some new thing appears and knocks you over. We are in a hard season, and my emotions go haywire and I lose my cool. Anyone else hear me on that?

So this devotional has been so so good!

She Is Free—A 7-Day Devotional by Andi Andrew

Okay, who else struggles with lies running around in your head? Who else needs a gentle reminder, or maybe a more liberal smack upside the head to remind us of TRUTH?!!

This devotional has been speaking to my heart…and reminding me of what is true and what I need to focus on, even when I am feeling defeated. This is a constant need in my life, the reminders of who Jesus is, how He loves me, and how I am made perfect just the way I am.

We all need encouragement. As busy moms who give ourselves to our families, we need filling up. If we are not caring for our bodies and our souls, we become exhausted, frustrated, and unable to be the best version of ourselves.

So, pick a few devotionals to wake up to each morning. I can tell you, I am excited to brew my French press coffee, and climb back in bed to read the bible and sip amazing coffee. My soul is refreshed and I feel better equipped to take on the day.

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