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There is no specific task relating to what I am going to share today in the Weekly Household Planner, but it is the perfect time to think of ways to create a cozy and inviting home environment.

There’s something so appealing about a cozy cabin in the winter. But not everyone has a cabin! Most of us tend to stick close to home during the winter months, so how can you achieve that ‘cozy’ look in a “regular” home?

Here are some ideas on how to give your home a cozy cabin feel this winter.

Low Light

Use candles wherever you safely can.  There is nothing like the flickering light that candles can bring to a room.  Not only do they give off that special glow, but when you use scented candles they help make your home feel ‘cozy’ and warm.  If you are not able to use candles, use low-wattage candle bulbs in your regular lamps.

Large glass jars with candles in them are also a nice way to produce cozy lighting. Try using fake snow, rocks or glass beads to surround the pillar candle inside the jar to create a nice centerpiece.

Natural Materials

Bringing the outdoors in can also mean using natural materials in your indoor decorations. You can find clever ways to incorporate twigs and branches, but why not add pine cones and even nuts. Glass jars and bowls filled with pine cones and/or nuts are a nice natural accent.  These are easy and inexpensive to put together, plus a great way to involve the kids.  Send them out to collect items and then spend time creating original decorating features with items you already have on hand, like vases, baskets and glass containers.

Natural Scents

Creating cozy means making sure your home smells yummy too! Woodsy incense and pine-scented potpourri are great ways to evoke the outdoors and create that holiday ‘cozy’ cottage feeling. Try to go with natural smells rather than synthetic ones that tend to smell quite unnatural.  Feel free to add some natural essential oils to your natural mixtures too, I love lavender oil and vanilla oil.  I purchased both of these to use in making homemade body scrub, but have found they are great for creating a feast for our noses indoors too!

Greens and Fruits

Now that the holidays are upon us, using greens in your home is perfect. Combining greens with fruit is a great way to decorate naturally. Try placing apples and pine cones on top of pine boughs you’ve laid on your mantle or table, or place lemons and limes among trailing ivy vines.  These are inexpensive centerpiece ideas and create a new and interesting look in your home.
Garlands and Natural Decorations

Sprays of berries, garlands of bay leaves, and berry-spray garlands are wonderful winter decorations for a ‘cozy’ cottage look. Candle rings and swags also add to the look. Simple, natural, and classic are the look you’re aiming for to create that ‘cozy’ cottage feel and have a warm and inviting home.

Quilts, Blankets and Throws

Drape quilts and cozy throws over your chairs and across the back of your couch. This gives a cozy, inviting, warm look and encourages guests and household members to have a seat and keep warm.  We have a nice big wood chest with a door that we keep our blankets in, it makes it easier to have the living area look neat and tidy, yet the blankets are easy to reach.

What do you do to create a ‘cozy’ home for the winter?
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