Holiday Self-Care Ideas for Moms

Holiday Self Care Ideas For Moms

This is a topic that gets some attention all year long, but it seems like when the holidays roll around, it can definitely take a back seat. It is extremely important to care for our needs as mothers so we can truly be the one caring for our families and nurturing them in this season…but it MUST start with us.

You are the one who sets the tone in your home. Your emotional health is apparent to all around you, and you have the ability to calm situations and diffuse escalation—especially in some of those uncomfortable family gatherings.

So here is a list of some great ideas to nurture you so you can be available for your family in a healthy and beneficial way. Read this, pick a few that resonate with you, and then block them out on your calendar. Yes, make an appointment with yourself. If you do not, it’s likely these holiday self-care ideas for moms will not take place, trust me!

List of holiday self-care ideas for moms

Get to bed earlier. Yes, sleep is extremely important when our stress levels are up.

Take a 30-minutes nap in the afternoon. Not every day, but when you feel your body slowing down, give yourself grace. Listen to your body. Grab one of these; you will thank me!

Diffuse some essential oils. They can certainly help with setting the tone in your home and will help you find some joy even in the crazy busy. Here is a collection of holiday recipes.

Give yourself a manicure or pedicure. Look here.

Sit with a warm cup of tea in silence.

Take a drive by yourself in your car listening to your favorite music.

Wear cozy slippers. Like these.

Do some meditation. I love using the Calm app or listening to scripture meditation on the YouVersion Bible app.

Begin each day by journaling or doing a brain dump to clear your mind. I love using these small journals.

Go take a walk all bundled up. If you do not have a warm scarf, get you one or add to your wish list now!

Schedule a coffee date with a friend. No agenda, just connection.

Find a new book to read through the holiday season. I am grabbing this one!

Take a long bath…with no interruptions.

Find a podcast to listen to. I really enjoy The Next Right Thing…check it out. (This episode was especially perfect.)

Grab Emily’s Quiet Collection. I listened to her 2020 version last year; it was precious.

Create a personal playlist of your favorite songs to play just when you need a pick-me-up.

Schedule time to volunteer for something that is close to your heart. It will feed your soul in a different way than typical “rest” will.

Spoil yourself with a cup of hot cocoa. Yes, do it…today!

Do you have any other ideas to add to the list? I would love to hear.

May you experience His peace this holiday season in a new way.

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