Stitch Fix Holiday Update

Stitch Fix Holiday Update

Every time a Stitch Fix box comes in the mail – well, I do kinda squeal like a school girl. Seriously, it is like having someone send you a box full of surprise gifts! (Plus I don’t have to trek to the mall…worst place ever, especially during the Christmas season).

I unwrapped my box and had some mixed feelings. I am in LOVE with the Pasha Textured Dress. It is a simple black, but the fabric is textured, which is a bit hard to pick up on in the photo. Love this. It will be perfect for dressing up during the holidays – can you see a dash of RED to brighten it up and make it festive?

Stitch Fix Box - Holiday Dress

Also, the Winona Crystal Medallion Necklace is too incredibly perfect for this holiday season and at $32 – SOLD! I hate accessorizing and when I get simple jewelry in my Stitch Fix box I am thrilled. They also sent a pair of Cheri Bow Studs, but I am not too fond of the style, so they likely will go back.

Stitch Fix - Simple Jewelry

I had been hoping for a new handbag as well, but this green Meyer Tassel Clutch is a bit too small for me. It is a cute size and the price is right at $38, but it will go back.

Stitch Fix - Clutch

Lastly I got a Lillah Quilted Faux Leather Trim Ponte Jacket – totally not my style. I did try it on, but alas…it didn’t win me over. I will say, often times when I pull an item out of the box I form an opinion, but I do try everything on, just to be sure – and half the time I do change my mind. That is the beauty of Stitch Fix – the stylist sends items that perhaps you wouldn’t pick out for yourself.

So, looks like I’m keeping two items, returning three. I love the ease of returns – just pop what you don’t want back in the bag they provide and drop at a USPS box.

Stitch Fix Gift Card

Want to try Stitch Fix for yourself? How about asking for a Stitch Fix gift card for Christmas? You can simply suggest it to your favorite gift giver and then you can sign up for your very own Stitch Fix Box – it will be like getting Christmas all over again!

If you want to check out some past Stitch Fix Boxes I have received, you can go here to this video review, here, or here.

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