21 Reasons To Send A Child A Greeting Card


When was the last time you saw the face of a child light up and glow because they got a piece of mail with their name on it? Children love to get mail. My older children have lost that spark, but my five year old is constantly asking if they got mail.   I think special occasions are great to send mail – and usually around holiday’s or birthday’s they know to expect it, but what would happen if mail arrived for them on an ordinary day? 

Sending letters or greeting cards is a good way to foster a love of communication and writing in children. In our society, instant messaging, text messaging, and short emails have all but killed the art of good communication.

Studies indicate that the more a child reads, the smarter they are. However, it can often be difficult to get some children to read due to lack of interest. I bet there isn’t a child around that wouldn’t be interested in reading a card or letter addressed to them from someone they care about. And, of course, if a child is raised to expect that letters and greeting cards are a regular occurrence, they are more likely to become better communicators themselves.

Wouldn’t it be great to raise a child who would love to create the habit of sending cards or letters?

So take some time and send a greeting card to a child in your life. Here are just a handful of reasons you can use to send a greeting card to a child you know and help to make their day that much brighter. (If it’s your kiddo – even better!!)

1.  They got an A on a test or report card. Make the joy of doing well last just a little longer.
2.  They said, “Please”.
3.  It’s their birthday, Valentines Day, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, etc  (I tend to give cards on some of these occasions, but mailing them is so much better!)
4.  They were well-behaved in a specific situation.
5.  They did something special for someone (even if it wasn’t you). It helps to foster the trait of good will when they get some feedback for what they have done.
6.  They helped with dinner.
7.  Just to say, “I appreciate you”. Do they really know how valuable they are to you?
8.  They said, “Thank you”.
9.  Just to say, “You’re Special”.
10.  They did a great job on their chores. Rewards for a job well done encourage more of the same.
11.  Because you haven’t seen them and want them to know you miss them.
12.  Say thanks for being my …(son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend, etc).
13.  They made the honor roll.
14.  They helped in the yard.
15.  Remind them of an exciting event that is coming up.
16.  Remind them of a neat experience you had together.
17.  Tell them something special about yourself.
18.  Tell them something special about someone you both know.
19.  Share a joke you just heard.
20.  They brought home a warm fuzzy note from the teacher.
21.  Just to say you love them. Do you really need any more of a reason than that?

Will you be taking just a few minutes out of your busy schedule today to foster the emotional and mental development of a child in your life?  I know I will be more intentional in this simple act.

Here are some favorite places to stock up on cards to make it easy to send without a lot of planning:

1)  Drugstore – I gathered up a large selection of $.99 cards at my local drugstore and have them ready to mail.

2)  DaySpring – I love that I can buy boxed card assortments at DaySpring and they will have alway have the perfect message.

3)  amazon has some wonderful greeting card boxed sets too – grab a box that has free prime shipping and you are good to go!

Tell me who you are sending a card to and why!

Weekly Household Quick Tip


Several tasks this week can be combined and taken care of in one quick swoop! In the “This week” section of the Household Planner you need to to buy Valentines for your kids’ classes, plan for gifts and cards for February occasions and restock cards and wrapping supplies.  It seems like a lot to do, doesn’t it?  You know what I have found though, if I take the time to keep stocked up on these items I tend to spend less money and less time to keep on top of things.

I don’t have to run out at the last minute to get wrapping paper for that last minute birthday gift and I don’t end up spending $4 on a birthday card either, because I have a stocked supply.  I shared about how I organize my cards here.

I have a few resources that I use in order to makes these tasks super easy and certainly less stressful.  I have two “go to” places to get wrapping supplies as well as cards – DaySpring and Current Catalog.

DaySpring has different options for purchasing bundles of cards which work out to be less than $1 per card – you are prepared and don’t break your budget!  The same can be said for Current, where they help you celebrate holidays, special & everyday occasions with value-priced greeting cards, gift wrap and gifts for everyone on your list.

So if you are ready to get organized this week, use the link above for Current and get 15% off your order, or go to DaySpring and place an order or sign up for their card club, you won’t regret it!

Christian Greeting Cards from DaySpring

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Weekend RoundUp Reading


I have had a busy week making revision for the new ScreamFree Parenting for Busy Moms Program, which BTW is on pre-sale til Wednesday for 40% off!!  Even though I don’t normally publish a post on Sunday, I wanted to make sure to pass on these great posts I found this past week.   Enjoy!

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