Blessing Others


Encourage one another and build each other up.    1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIV

When was the last time you received a card in the mail? 

You can expect a few around maybe your birthday or Christmas, but what about the other 363 days of the year.  Are bills and junk mail the only items to take residence in your mailbox?

I’ve written about the act of sending a physical card in the mail several times and each time I truly reflect on the impact it will have on the receiver.  Sending cards in the mail is ‘old fashioned’, but aren’t there a lot of things that we used to do that are still good for us, although we may not do them?

Sending a card in the mail takes more thought, time and comes from the heart.  When you take the time to write out a sentiment to a friend who needs some encouragement and write out their address, it just touches hearts differently.  Not only the receiving person, but the sender too.

When we become a means to share God’s love to others and play a part in encouraging and building up those who are important to us, it matters. 

The receiver immediately feels important, loved and cared about in ways that an email or e-card just does not convey.

I had the pleasure of sharing cards with some dear friends of mine.  I share two Monday’s a month with some awesome ladies who have stretched me, accepted me even when I share things that aren’t so wonderful and been companions on this journey with me.  I am not sure I can imagine this past 2 ½ years without them being faithfully in my life.

So when my Holley Gerth – Hope and Encouragement card pack came in the mail and I could choose anyone to send a card to, I chose to send 8 cards!  One to each of the ladies in my group.  Each card was so original, they each spoke different words, but all with the same heartfelt theme, God’s love for them.  Add in some personal encouraging words and they are perfect.  Plus, the photographs and illustrations on the cards made them appear much more expensive than they really are.

I wish I could see their faces as they read the words I chose special for each of them.  I hope their day is a little more enjoyable, that they can see beyond whatever circumstance they are dealing with at that moment, and remember there is someone who truly cherishes them.

Mr & Mrs Love Collection

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I had such fun sending these cards to the ladies in my group, and just today I received an email from one of them, “Thank you so much for the card, it came at a time where I needed the encouragement!  That was so nice of you!”

See….. you just never know how taking a moment out of your day could truly make a difference in someone else’s.

You can also enter giveaway on the (in)courage page – double your chances!  Just enter by clicking the (in)spired deals picture at the beginning of the post, below.

DaySpring gave me two free card packs to review for this post and giveaway.  All opinions stated are your own and were not influenced by the free product.

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Making a Difference


This is a post from Guest Columnist – Sarah Thacker of Sarah Thacker Adoption Coaching and Consulting.

147 million orphans?

350,000 cases of cholera being reported in Haiti?

925 million hungry people worldwide?

27 million people are slaves across the world?

422,773 kids in foster care in the United States?

115,000 kids in the US waiting to be adopted?

1 million children are exploited in the world sex trade every year?

$32 billion was made in the sex trade last year?

Ahhhh! Overwhelm. Too much. Turn the channel. Quit thinking about it. [Read more…]

Hope: A feeling of Expectation


On September 30, 2009, there were an estimated 423,773 children in foster care. (Source)

I wonder how many of those children still have hope…..hope to find a home, hope that a family who will love them, hope that they may be able to go home again, hope that where they spend the night tonight will feel welcomed, not so foreign and scared.

May is National Foster Care month – an opportunity to examine what you can do to help children who are in the system, come along families who are housing children or even just actively pray for all involved. [Read more…]

Ten Minute Tuesday – 5/17


Welcome to my weekly feature, Ten Minute Tuesday, where I encourage you to take ten minutes to slow down and take in some music from one of my favorite Christian artists.  This week I am sharing “Nothing Compares” by Third Day.  Love, Love this band – it was one of the first bands that really touched me when I first became a Christian.

Take a few minutes and enjoy!

I will praise the Lord no matter what happens.  I will constantly speak of HIS glories and grace.   Psalm 34:1

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Ten Minute Tuesday – 5/10


I have missed a few weeks in my Ten Minute Tuesday series – sorry ladies!  You know how it goes, life takes over and before you know it the week is over.  A mom shared this song/video on her facebook page last week and I loved it, Blessings by Laura Story. I hope you can take a few minutes and sit down and breath in this beautiful song.  Enjoy!

Turn to Him so He can…….send you wonderful times of refreshment from the presence of the Lord.   Acts  3:19

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