Simple DIY 100% Natural Laundry Fabric Softener

Simple DIY 100% Natural Laundry Fabric Softener

Laundry. It’s not the most exciting topic for us moms, yet it takes up a bit of our time (whether we like it or not). I have been on a quest to reduce the cost of items in my home, as well as find all natural alternatives, keeping my family’s wellness a number one priority. I have used store bought liquid fabric softeners and fabric sheets in the past (before I knew better). Those products are full of harsh chemicals and aren’t very cost-effective.

Recently, I shared my favorite homemade DIY laundry detergent recipe. Those laundry pods are totally the bomb! They smell amazing and are so easy to make (even the kids can help). So what’s the next step in the clothes washing process to keep as many chemicals as possible out of your laundry room? A simple DIY recipe for an all-natural fabric softener and the use of dryer balls. You’ll never go back to the other stuff.

I have been experimenting and searching for the best fabric softener combination, as well as using dryer balls to reduce the amount of static cling (static is a common problem when you switch from using store bought fabric softeners), for some time. I think I finally have the routine down now. If you’re wanting a cheaper, more natural alternative to the fabric softeners you find in the store, this recipe is for you.

My 100% Natural Fabric Softener Recipe


  • 1 quart of white vinegar – I prefer to purchase in a large quantity from Costco and reuse a glass container
  • 30 drops of essential oils (such as Lavender, Purification, or Lemon) – I recommend this brand


Drop the essential oils in the jar of vinegar and you’re all set! Be sure to shake the bottle before adding approximately 1/4 – 1/2 cup to your load of laundry in the rinse cycle spout.

Magic Secret for Static Free Clothes, Softer Towels, and Fresher Sheets!

Don’t Forget to Use Wool Dryer Balls

Using wool dryer balls (I use these) will dramatically reduce the time it takes to dry your clothes. It will help with softening your clothes when used with the vinegar rinse. I also found that using at least six balls in my drying load will help the issue of static cling.

Depending on what I am drying, I will add 3-5 drops of essential oils directly on a few dryer balls and toss them in. There is nothing better than your freshly laundered bed sheets coming out of the dryer with a lovely, all natural Lavender smell – or your towels coming out with a hint of freshness from some Purification or Lemon essential oil. If you choose to add Lemon essential oil to your vinegar, please be sure to store your softener in a glass container (Lemon essential oil needs to be stored in a glass container).

I love that I can make all of this at home easily and it honestly saves our family money. Plus, we get an even better result and no toxic chemicals that will harm our body!  It’s a total win!

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