Celebrating Motherhood Milestones

Celebrating Motherhood Milestones

Motherhood is a jungle of ups and downs, wondering if we are making the right decisions with our kids and hoping we don’t screw it up.

My journey as a mom has certainly been like that. As a single mom I did the best I could and now looking back I wish I had done some things different, but isn’t that how we all are? Questioning ourselves and not allowing grace to fill our spirit? I have learned and can share my experience with others – hoping they can take something from my mistakes to avoid their own. Authentic community is like that.

We bombard ourselves with more than we deserve and don’t savor the good. Because there is always good to see.

Today, this post is a bit different. I get to share a personal moment that happened in my family – and one I think is important to share. I try to be genuine and give you at least the bigger picture of motherhood so you don’t feel it’s all rosy – because it’s not – but there are days that come where a motherhood milestone is celebrated and you can hardly take it all in because it’s so glorious.

  • The day your child is born.
  • Their first words.
  • When they learn to ride a bike.
  • Their first day of school.

But as your child gets older, it seems those celebrations get a bit further apart, so when one comes along it comes with a big bang.

And for me, I am celebrating almost the best thing ever – my 19 year old son chose on his own timing and in his own journey with Christ to get baptized yesterday at our new church home.

My Son Being Baptized
This picture is powerful. It may not be the greatest quality, but it speaks volumes as the men who have spoken life into my son are praying for him after he arose from the water.

I don’t think I have enough words to describe it. My gut swelled with emotion and tears flowed. To hear his voice proclaim Jesus as His Savior and to see his body go below the water and come up fresh, new, and filled with the Spirit – there are no words, but I will try.

Glorious. Incredible. Grace Beyond Imaginable. Mercy. Hope. New Life.

So in the midst of the dirty laundry piled high, the dishes left unwashed, toys scattered from one end of the house to the other, and take out pizza for dinner – remember that you are a caretaker of these littles, but God is so much bigger. He steps in when we ask and when we’ve lost our big girl pants. (You know those days when you want to crawl back in bed!).  He can draw our kids in a way that even we cannot and that is just so AMAZING!

Pray for them. Pray that He would grab hold of their hearts on HIS timing, not yours. You see, His timing is perfect – even when it may not be what we would like. But you can only see that on the other side. But it’s beautiful.

My Son's Baptism

So here’s to my motherhood milestone where I can rejoice today and celebrate.

I would love for you to share one of your recent milestones too. This is where we get to encourage each other and spur each other on for HIS Glory!

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