Using Essential Oils with Kids

Using Essential Oils with Kids

I had the amazing privilege to share some of my thoughts and experiences using essential oils in my home on the Essential Oil Radio podcast a few weeks back. This is such a passionate topic for me. I wanted to be sure to share it with you all too!

If you’ve ever thought about essential oils and how you could use them with kids, or maybe you already are using essential oils with kids and need to get some tips – this episode is for you!

In this Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The 5 most important oils to use with children. (23:45)
  • Importance of confidence in motherhood (6:15)
  • Oils as emotional support (8:00)
  • Benefit of Young Living oils over generic brands (9:00)
  • Why all kids can and should use essential oils daily (10:25)
  • How using good quality oils and products is more cost effective (11:45)
  • Susan’s experience with using oils for her foster child’s emotional distress (13:00)
  • That a “non-granola” type person can latch onto oils and other health tips (15:05)
  • The effect using oils on children may have on their transformation into adulthood (16:00)
  • Benefits of oils for kids that aren’t so obvious (17:10)
  • Safety tips for oils with children (20:00-23:30)
  • Susan’s much loved yearly planner for your home (34:30)

Items Mentioned in this Episode:

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