Making Space For a New Season

Making Space For a New Season

My spirit has been unsettled for a few months.

It’s all good, but when God is calling us into a new season, one with change and the unknown…it is often ourselves that fight against that change.

We want the comfortable, the known, and the guaranteed. We want what we can control (or at least perceive to control) and what we can logically plan out.

I share many things here on this blog for moms that hopefully help you get through your day a little easier; encouragement in the form of blog posts or short eBooks that will give your spirit a life, troubleshooting products (like the Weekly Household Planner or the Summer Survival Calendar), and often I share personal parts of my own story. You see, that is where being vulnerable and authentic has the power to truly make a difference for someone else and for His Kingdom.

My eyes are watery as I type my words onto the screen. I am emotional, I am scared, I am nervous, and I need my GOD now more than ever. When I do not know what the future holds, this is where He can act boldly.

Before you think that I have some devastating news, please be assured our family is well. There is no bad news coming – rather, just the opposite.

You see, after dragging our feet for several years, waiting on the perfect timing to proceed into the process of fostering children in need, we are getting ready to jump back in. But here is the kicker – it makes no logical sense at all. I have a busy schedule managing two home businesses, my husband travels four days a week, we are involved in hosting a small group in our home, and we’re managing a home of three other kids still at home. We are busy! I am tired and there is no space for more. Yet, I have heard clearly that I am to cut out some things in my life and create the space for God to move in our life and use us as He sees fit.  

“It’s possible that the perfect season of life you are waiting on before fostering or adopting will never come. When will the crazy busy of life really slow down enough for you to then make it crazy and busy all over again by fostering or adopting? Have you considered that perhaps the parameters you have set to define when you’re ‘ready’ may be too narrow? What if they leave no space for you to actually ever feel ‘ready’? What if you’re more ready now than you realize?” – Jason Johnson

What if I leave NO space for me to actually ever feel “ready”? – OUCH!

As I sat down to share this with you all, this came across my Facebook feed. It was the perfect timing!

Are you willing?

So, I am in the process of cleaning some things off my plate so I can make some room to do God’s work…to be “willing” to be used.

I have been reading an incredible blog written by Jason Johnson about the churches role in foster and adoption care. This post especially kicked me in the gut. We often times look at things only from our perspective, but when you look at it from the other direction…wow.

For those who are newer here, you may not know our story. We became licensed foster parents about six years ago and were on a path to adopt through the system. We were incredibly blessed to have a little boy join our family. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t perfect, and it certainly was not my plan at all…however, we did it. I know it was what we were supposed to do. To be honest, on those days I am tired and can hardly think straight, I wonder why I was chosen. Why me?  

I am almost 49 – on the side of parenting where I should be enjoying those later years with more freedom and time to do what I want to do. However, that is not the plan and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is what my husband and I are being called to do. Put aside my selfish desires and serve Him, the one who designed me to serve, who gave me gifts and talents just for this time.

So, as I enter this new season, I would love for you to think of my family and say a prayer. I will share our process and perhaps it might spark a desire in you to see what you can do – YES, YOU! I have written before about foster care and adoption, that not everyone is meant to take a child into their home, but we are all called to serve in this process.

Jason Johnson wrote a powerful blog post on how you can support another family who has taken in a child. It’s all about community and coming together.

What Foster Care and Adoption Is About

Be prepared – I will be challenging you in this area while I venture on this journey! You have something to give and I would ask God to show you what that is.  :-)

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