Renewal for 2019

Hello Sweet Friends…

I hope this note finds you enjoying your week and finding space to breathe. That is my goal in this new season, to provide space to let my soul breathe.

Over the course of the past two years, I have allowed my schedule to be filled with things that do not inspire me, do not fill my soul and certainly have allowed me to become bitter and frustrated. None of that is good for the soul.

After having a lovely getaway with my husband for FIVE days to share our vision for 2019, I clearly found my word for this year…RENEWAL.

renewal - word for the year

Time for change

It’ time…to make some changes…because what I’ve been doing is just not working. And isn’t that the mistake we often make, we keep doing the same thing thinking things will change?

Are you in a season of needing some change, some refreshment, some soothing of your soul? Walk with me friend…we can do this…together!

Today I want to share with you a few things I’ve put into practice already that have already altered my frame of mind and given my soul a breath of fresh air. Not the stifled, claustrophobic air I was struggling to take in…but fresh and clean air that is life giving.


My quiet time is first thing in the morning. I’ve shared about quiet time and what it can look like and how you can fit it in.  But the most important thing is to DO IT. Determine when it fits your schedule and block it out.

I get up, making my coffee (which is a sweet process with my French Press, names Amelia and my hand grinder), sit down and open up my YOUVersion bible app so I can read through four to six different devotionals I am actively reading. I write notes in a simple journal, sometimes just a short scripture or a quote from one of the devotional authors. I then take a few moments to just be…quiet. And listen. I was in a habit of rushing through my time and not allowing the space for God to speak to me, which handicaps our walk when we don’t. It has been so fulfilling to change things up.

Feed your soul

I have found the loveliest podcast EVER and perhaps I am just slow to the program, but I need to share it with you! The Next Right Thing Podcast by Emily P. Freeman. If you need a friend to give you advice, Emily is the one. She gently encourages and provides just the right balance of her story, relevant scripture and it certainly doesn’t hurt that her voice is just sweet and soothing. I truly love that the podcast episodes are only usually around ten minutes, which for any busy mom, well…you can find time for that for sure!

I am guilty of binge listening to catch up – but I’d say its an investment in my soul!


I hate the word exercise right now, so I am really just changing the semantics a bit to just say MOVE!

When I hear the word exercise, I think of fitting into my schedule six days of running or T-25 workouts. To be honest, my life just can’t handle that right now. So, when I set goals like that, I tend to fail and then guilt and shame creep in…which we all know just helps nothing.

Instead of lofty New Years goals, I am dedicated to get outside at least three days a week and walk the beach. I had my first true long walk yesterday, and I shared on Facebook, it was lovely. As I slowly master this goal, I can add in a new element. I am finding relief in this new way to creating my schedule and it’s a sweet surprise. Being successful in the little things, can leave room to add a few more things later.


Yep, I  said that. As a “doer” and one who loves to push themselves and accomplish a lot. I could never see myself taking the time to meditate. I mean, man…I could do so much during that ten minutes…instead of just sit there. However, with anything…it is often a good idea to truly give something a try before you make big judgements…am I right?

So, a good friend shared with my about how she’d been doing meditation and her personality is very similar to mine. After hearing her express her LOVE for this new activity, I decided to give it a try. I downloaded the CALM app, which I will see is simply amazing!! I have started my own practice of meditating, and it has changed my day. You can try it for seven days for free, so you truly have nothing to lose. Do it! Side note – I have been using the sleep stories for kids with my nine-year-old – not for bedtime, but for riding in the car or taking his bath. He is also a huge fan.


It means different things to different people. Our family observed a “day of rest” for a period of about 9 months a few years back. I shared some simple steps on implementing a day of rest.

Then life…

I can’t really remember the exact reason to why it stopped appearing in our calendar – but it did.

With a husband who travels and has different work days, it takes some extra planning to determine “the” day of the week we will observe and pull back and rest. However, one of the visions I shared with my husband when we had our getaway was to implement Sabbath back into our schedule.

So, we went through and blocked out the next two months – one day every week to observe Sabbath.

I’m not a theologian – but I know God wants us to rest our bodies, to seek Him and be obedient in working 6 days and resting on the 7th. We observed our first Sabbath on Sunday and it was lovely.

So tell me, what are you changing to help you find refreshment and renewal? I would love to hear and add a few more ideas to my list, because as I integrate these in, I will be looking for the next step.

Another note, you will find me back to blogging more here too. I went through a season where I lost a bit of my creativity to be honest, and I feel the Lord is refreshing my soul, so I can write again in a new way. I am excited to start this new season with you all.

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